1. audioarchetype

    Help! HiDPI on Internal Display with 2560x1440 WQHD (Monterey 12.2.1)

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forums. If this is posted in the wrong section, I apologize. I searched for a post that addressed my specific issue but could not find it. My problem is that I'm trying to enable HiDPI for my internal laptop display, which has a native resolution of...
  2. grimjack

    Dual WQHD 10.13.3 GTX960 Imac 17,1 One monitor won't go higher than 1080p Help

    I have a fairly stable 10.13.3 system running on a Gigabyte GA-Z-170X-UD5 with a i7-6700K and an Nvidia GTX960 4gb. I have a Dell U2717D connected via HDMI running fine at WQHD 2560x1440 and an Acer K272HUL that can also run at WQHD connected to the Display Port on the GTX960. My SMBIOS is...
  3. Geierwally

    R9 280X Resolution Problem -NO 2560x1440 under Yosemite

    I have a problem with the resolution of my video card. When I boot, then I have the full 2560x1440 resolution. Once the PC is on Login Screen, the resolution drops to 1920x1080. I've tried everything but nothing has helped yet. Graphics card is a Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280X, Model: 11221-20-40G...
  4. tt0maria

    New to Mac, and need an affordable, upgradable desktop

    Hi, I just switched to Mac last year after using PCs my whole life. I love the OS, but Macs are so expensive! I'm looking to build a Hackintosh (my first computer build) that will work as a good desktop + htpc. I'm also looking into possibly gaming in the future. For now, I want something that...