wireless usb adapter

  1. vfioravante

    MediaTek Wireless Dongle MT7601 Chip - Sierra

    Hi! I spent several days trying to make this wireless USB dongle working at Sierra, so now I could, I would like to share with you. The files I used are just below. It is necessary to install the RT2870 Kext and the wifi utility. :D:headbang:
  2. tanuagg13

    Editing kexts for WUSB54GS v2

    Hi, I found that this piece of hardware (Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with Speedbooster Version 2 - WUSB54GS v2) uses Broadcom chips and thus I should be able to use Broadcom wireless kexts to use this device, right? Unfortunately, when I install the kexts Yosemite continues to...
  3. L0G4N

    Please help me!

    If anyone could help me on getting my r9 290 to work with my hackintosh that would be great! I know there is a way to trick it so it thinks it's another graphics card or something like that and I need help getting iMessage to work, because I have tried everything to get it to work. facetime and...
  4. ChezEagle

    £1.00 Wireless on the hack..

    Updated Check new post....Wifi 4 all