1. Davirus

    3930k suddenly is unknown

    I remember that OSX used to detect my 3930K as a Xeon processor, but, since the latest Chimera update it started to show as unknown. I manually modded it to show even more "accurate" information But other applications, such as MachineProfile, still fails to correctly detect my CPU. Also...
  2. badawa

    Weird problem. HD used space keeps increasing

    I installed ML 10.8.2 a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to make various components work. Right now i need to get the HDMI audio working on my ga-h77-d3h. I am using the igp HD4000 (HD4000 works, last week was able to get the ethernet ar8161 recognized) Anyways tonight i was reading...
  3. Mr. Meoff

    "About this Mac", i7 970 Unknown, not recognized in 10.7.4

    Hey all! I haven't been here much... meaning my Hack has been kickin ass this past year!! The Hack has been really great, thanks again to everyone associated here! I got my hands on a 6core i7 970 and decided to swap out the 4core i7 960. All good, however under "About this Mac" it says "3.58...