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  1. cronix

    i5 8600k PowerManagement

    Hello guys, as you can see in my signature i have a z370-f from asus and a i5 8600k. To enable Powermanagement, i put Plugintype=true in clover and tested it with Appleintelinfo.kext and it seems like it's working: CPU Ratio Info: ------------------------------------------ Base Clock...
  2. 0xDEADBEA7

    Power Management: Setting P-Limit is unsupported on this system

    Hi, I am working on a dual socket AS Rock EP2C602 mother board with 2* E5-2667 v2 processors and I am pretty close. I cleaned up the DSDT removing SCK2 and SCK3 and fixing the processor ids for SCK0 and SCK1 (the first couple of each socket were set to 0x8x so I renumbered the exisiting...
  3. theyesguy

    why my cpu show only 1.6Ghz ???

    Hi, everyone. I install Sierra on my Gigabyte H110M motherboard with CPU Pentium G4500 and ATI Radeon HD5450 now I got working VideoCard but my CPU shows only 1.6Ghz maximum loading but must show 3.5Ghz in Intel Power Gadget I Use FakeCPUID 0x0106E0 (I think is Core i5 Ivy Bridge) I use iMac...
  4. godev

    X99 Power Management

    Hi, after finally finishing installing Sierra on my new X99 build I came to the problem of working speed stepping. After reading many threads I've built a SSDT for my CPU with the script from PikerAlpha, put it in the Clover ACPI/patched folder and added the necessary -xcpm flag. In addition to...
  5. shilohh

    Guide: X79 OS X Controlled SpeedStep (CPU Power Management)

    Update Feb 18, 2016 I originally wrote this guide to help people with X79 systems get XCPM CPU power management working quickly and easily. Now I feel it's time for a re-write to explain things a little better. Requirements: 1) MSR 0xE2 Unlocked BIOS (you do NOT have MSR register 0xE2 bit...