speed step

  1. facq

    ASUS TUF Z390 - i7-9700k -iGPU: speed step does not work

    Hello all, First of all, thank you to all the people who are providing help and answers on this forum. Thanks to you, I had my first build up and running Catalina 10.15.3. Unfortunately, I cannot get the speed stepping working. After boot up, frequency is stuck to 800MHz (lowest ratio). After...
  2. cronix

    i5 8600k PowerManagement

    Hello guys, as you can see in my signature i have a z370-f from asus and a i5 8600k. To enable Powermanagement, i put Plugintype=true in clover and tested it with Appleintelinfo.kext and it seems like it's working: CPU Ratio Info: ------------------------------------------ Base Clock...
  3. 0xDEADBEA7

    Power Management: Setting P-Limit is unsupported on this system

    Hi, I am working on a dual socket AS Rock EP2C602 mother board with 2* E5-2667 v2 processors and I am pretty close. I cleaned up the DSDT removing SCK2 and SCK3 and fixing the processor ids for SCK0 and SCK1 (the first couple of each socket were set to 0x8x so I renumbered the exisiting...
  4. theyesguy

    why my cpu show only 1.6Ghz ???

    Hi, everyone. I install Sierra on my Gigabyte H110M motherboard with CPU Pentium G4500 and ATI Radeon HD5450 now I got working VideoCard but my CPU shows only 1.6Ghz maximum loading but must show 3.5Ghz in Intel Power Gadget I Use FakeCPUID 0x0106E0 (I think is Core i5 Ivy Bridge) I use iMac...
  5. godev

    X99 Power Management

    Hi, after finally finishing installing Sierra on my new X99 build I came to the problem of working speed stepping. After reading many threads I've built a SSDT for my CPU with the script from PikerAlpha, put it in the Clover ACPI/patched folder and added the necessary -xcpm flag. In addition to...
  6. shilohh

    Guide: X79 OS X Controlled SpeedStep (CPU Power Management)

    Update Feb 18, 2016 I originally wrote this guide to help people with X79 systems get XCPM CPU power management working quickly and easily. Now I feel it's time for a re-write to explain things a little better. Requirements: 1) MSR 0xE2 Unlocked BIOS (you do NOT have MSR register 0xE2 bit...