sd card reader

  1. JLMOX

    Post installation (10.13)+ update (10.13.06) Dell e6530 issues

    Hi everyone. I successfully installed high Sierra 10.13. After some work I managed to turn off the Nvidia GPU and keep the intel hd4000 (ivy) on. Then updated to my dell e6530 then updated to 10.13.06 (using the combo edition, patching update did not work for me). Everything works fine so far...
  2. Jamesdl

    External card reader

    I was wondering if there are any suggested external card readers for SD and compact flash cards. I am guessing USB 3.0 vs USB c would be more reliable with a hackintosh build, but maybe not. Certainly - something with a cable as my desktop is not close by for plugging and unplugging in devices...
  3. HamburgJD

    USB 3.0 External SD Card Reader

    Hey guys, i fixed my USB 3.0 problem and the slots seem to work now with usb sticks and hdd's. Unfortunatly, my external SD card reader with USB 3.0 only works on USB2.0 Slots and not on the 3.0 ones. Due to my work i need a better speed for my SD card and i would like to ask you if there is...
  4. carpentryplus25

    Clover Patches for working PCI sd card reader(Work in Progress)

    For a long time apple has always used USB SD card reader devices. For this reason there is little support for PCI sd card readers. Within the past two years or so apple has included driver to support one PCI sd card reader with the following Broadcom device pci14e4,16bc. I am mainly interested...
  5. NuclearNooblet

    Toshiba P500-0TE - SD Card Reader Not Functioning (OS X 10.9.4)

    Hey, I was able to install Mavericks with no system instability/kernel panics from first boot-up. However, I have been unable to find a solution to my non-functioning SD card reader. It is a O2Micro Integrated MMC/SD Controller with the vendor id 1217 and device id 8120. I tried to use a...
  6. ipodman9

    hp probook sleep issue

    i dont know where to look for any info on this issue I'm having i don't know if everyone is having the same but when i close my probook it doesn't always go to sleep (fan is still spinning) then when i open it it doesn't always wake up sometimes i half to press the power button to wake it up its...