1. pjrezai

    Mouse random side scrolling

    Hi guys, first real post I updated to 10.13.5 and now whenever my mouse is over finder or something like a small browser window that has content to the left or right and my mouse is over that window it will scroll horizontally without me doing anything. You can imagine how annoying that is in...
  2. vincnt

    Screen flashes when notifications pop up and 'smooth' scrolling issue

    Hi! I just finished building my first hackintosh this weekend and managed to get pretty much all of the main features to work (except for the audio outputs). While working on my machine I've noticed a few minor issues with my graphics: 1) when notifications pop up on my screen the screen...
  3. Joko2105

    No Smooth Scrolling In OSX

    I am experiencing "Windows like"/choppy scrolling everywhere. Everything else is running fine. It's just the animation bothering me.
  4. kylerphillip

    APPLE BROADCOM BCM94360CD Windows Scrolling

    I have the Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD from OSXwifi successfully installed on my rig working on OS X and Windows 10 with my Wireless Mouse and Keyboard. Is there any way to enable the scrolling using the wireless mouse on Windows as supported similarly by OS X?
  5. vrao

    Elastic scrolling

    I was just wondering if elastic scrolling can somehow be enabled on hp pro book mackintosh
  6. purafael2

    Mouse scrolling is crazy (video)

    Hi. My mouse scrolling is crazy. I wish it was smooth. It's a wireless device. Could you help me? I am using an IOGear GBU521W6 USB Thumbnail Dongle Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter. Watch the video attached to this message if you want to see an exemple. I already restored the operational system (and used...
  7. piromanneo

    Continuous scrolling in safari shared links doesn't work for me

    I am having problem on my hack mac pro mavericks and logitech wired mouse. Scroll to next article is not working in safari shared links. Does somebody know some keyboard shortcut for scrolling those articles or some fix for this ? Thanks.
  8. killacam7478

    Has anyone tried Rapoo T6 Mouse (Magic Mouse-type mouse)

    I was looking for a multi-touch / gestures mouse that's not the Magic Mouse or Apple Trackpad (not good with the trackpad, and Magic Mouse is so expensive). I have the Magic Mouse on my Mac, and it works well, but didn't want to pay so much. I saw a Rapoo T6 mouse that looks like it does the...