os x 10.11

  1. RowenDJ

    [SOLVED] System didn't start

    Hello, I have a CustoMac Pro from january 2017, today i've tried to start the sistem and didn't start. He gave me an error: (image attached) Sistem specs: Gigabyte ga-170x designare I7-6700k Gigabyte gtx 750 ti oc 4gb 250 gb ssd samsung evo 1tb hd seagate barracuda 32gb ram ballistix sport...
  2. Mustafaa3170

    Fujitsu Lifebook A555 El Capitan?

    Hello, I've got a Fujitsu Lifebook A555 with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Intel i3 5th Generation processor (2.00 GHz), and Intel HD Graphics 5500. I've heard that Intel 5500 needs the DMVT to be changed, but I also heard that I could risk bricking my laptop. Will RehabMan please write out a guide for me...
  3. AppleMann

    Dell U3415W UltraWide Monitor 3440x1440 @60Hz Problems

    Hello! My current machine is a skylake i7 paired with an ASUS GTX 950 Yesterday I purchased my first 21:9 monitor for $500 off craigslist. When running Windows 10 I get 60Hz with full resolution through HDMI When running OS X 10.11 it recognizes as 30Hz full res in preferences. In about this...
  4. arunkumars3483

    OS X installation on Sony e15136CNB

    Hi, Can I install OS X 10.11 on Intel hm76 express chipset in Sony Vaio. If possible, please guide me the installation process.. plss..
  5. iTzJack9633

    [NOOB] I get a error when booting VirtualMachine - Attachment. Please Help

    Whenever I try to boot Mac OS X 10.11 I get an error. [Thread 0 Crashed] Specs - Intel Pentium G3258 GTX 750Ti ASUS H81M-E33 8GB RAM Thanks - iTzJack
  6. SomeoneGone

    Please help, first time trying OS X on PC.

    > I haven't done anything yet with computer. > I watched this tutorial (El Capitan on PC): Below are my PC specs. I want to know what IS and what ISN'T compatible. For the compatible hardware, I'd appreciate links to all software/kexts/everything needed to install El Capitan by itself on the...
  7. joseacavallo

    [SOLVED] Lost fan control in HWMonitor

    hi, i was trying to set my front case fans to a lower RPM in HWMonitor and by mistake i typed the letter R in the maximum speed fan and now i can't not modify anything related to fans in HWMonitor, i've looked everywhere already, help will be much appreciated, thanks.
  8. Albatroz-90

    [Guide] Installation of USB Wireless Antenna (Chipset RT2870/RT3070) in Mac OS X 10.11.x (El Capitan

    After update my mac to "El Capitan" everything worked fine, except my wireless antenna. I looked everywhere for a solution, and after a many tries, it finaly worked, using more then one solutions that I found at the same time, so I decided to create these step by step to everyone. Installation...