nvidia gtx 970

  1. lukaknw

    Turning off the second graphics card

    Hello, and I apologize for my English. I would like to disable the nvidia gtx 970 card for mojave because i use integrated. my motherboard msi z87 m power and processor i5 4670k. I would like to exclude the whole nvide, it calls and it bothers me. I'd like to turn off the nvidia. He adds files...
  2. thecandlej

    Desktop - display brightness not working

    Hi, I recently built my first ever mackintosh starting with 10.13.5 and already got through major headaches with updating to 10.13.6. I use a 27" Samsung SyncMaster SA850T and noticed that I can't set the brightness on the monitor itself using the native OSD. So I thought I would install the...
  3. khalid711

    MSI GT72 6QD - El Capitan success - graphics fail - please help

    Hello everyone, First of all, I’m not that much experienced in Hackintosh, but, I’ve done this couple of times... and I’m still learning.. I managed to install El Capitan on my Laptop.. everything is good somehow. However, the one issue that I really need to get over is the graphics.. I have...
  4. monkeyfreak2

    Issue pre-installation, sierra [first time]

    I am installing sierra on my build for the first time using the basic guide. I got the unibeast/clover usb setup correctly I believe. When I boot into the usb I select sierra from the list. It goes to the apple screen and gets a progress bar. Then it opens up my cd drive? the progress bar gets...
  5. kadir-gunel

    Nvidia Driver consumes memory (~800MB / 4GB) when idle

    Hello, I have actually 2 problems which, I think, they might be related with each other. So I wrote them under the same thread. I built my rig and managed to installed Sierra 10.12.2. During installation I used integrated graphics card. The screen resolution is good however sometimes mouse...
  6. bladoflorez

    Asus Z170-A, Nvidia GTX 970. All working fine

    Hi guys first I would like to thank you for your help, I got all I needed from your forum. I just got my PC Asus Z170-A working fine with macOS Sierra 10.12.2 and I would like to share my config/files with you. After installing I had to work on Video, Network and Audio. List of hardware...
  7. wtgserpant

    Nvidia GTX 970 on custoMac Pro crashes at high load

    Hi guys, I have built a custoMac pro using all the recommended parts and almost everything works well except when I put the build under heavy load. As things stand, OS X freezes when I run GPU heavy benchmarks or play game on high detail setting (I only play cities skyline, nothing crazy). I...
  8. aim4chaos

    24 hours later no progress halp! i7 6700k z170 gaming 3 gtx 970 G1

    Hi all, SO I hate posting 'plz help' threads, BUT I feel I owe it to myself, I've spent 24 hours (a few 6 hours sessions) trying to get my damn system to work. I have googled extensively tried several different methods, I have an i7 6700k Gigabyte z170 gaming 3 and a gtx 970 G1. I have...
  9. ukon1990

    Unable to get into install screen el capitan

    Hi! So I am having some trouble installing El Capitan on my computer. The only version of Unibeast I have been able to get to work on my computer is version 5.1.0 for some reason. With Yosemite. No problem what so ever. However if I try to install Yosemite (Getting ot El capitan soon) with any...
  10. crystalcelebi

    Boot loop and kernel panic shows when it does boot :( Please help.

    My computer restarts just before booting, it goes like this for almost 2 minutes and when it finally boots MacOSX shows a Kernel Panic error: I have a VGA LCD display connected with an adapter to one of the DVI ports of my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. I don't know if it causes a conflict or...