nvidia 970

  1. dwumpus

    X99m Gaming 5, i7-5820, NVidia 970/AMD 580 on Mojave - Notes

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to roll a word about my Hackintosh experience and using the tips found on the tonymac site! First, I really appreciated the guides, and the tools. It seems universally with most folks who have built their hackintosh, that it is a learning experience; and the trip...
  2. oddjobmj

    Severe screen tearing/artifacts. Sierra 10.12.5, Nvidia web drivers enabled but ECC shows no devices

    I recently updated from Sierra 10.12.4 to 10.12.5. I had some issues booting so I futzed around a bit then finally found the updated web drivers from nvidia. Now I can boot but have terrible performance and large sections of my screen continue to re-render (shown in the imgur link below)...
  3. G

    Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 black screen

    Hello Everybody, I Have Install macOS Sierra(10.12.3) on my System, and it worked fine. When I install the Nvidia-Web-Driver my system don't boot anymore, I had just a black screen. What can I do? Best wishes, Sven
  4. ihonzis

    NVIDIA and sound drivers don't work

    Heyo, I have a problem. I'm beginner so please go easy on me :) I successfully installed the MacOS Sierra on my PC. After installation I used MultiBeast and checked everything from my build. After restart my network driver works! Yeaa! But sadly I don't have a sound and graphic drivers...
  5. RobertGee

    Macos sierra: Everything working but graphics

    Hey guys I'm having the hardest time getting my graphics to work. Here are my specs: Cpu: I7 4790k MB: Msi z97 gaming 5 Graphics: msi gtx 970 I got everything pretty much working, Usb, ethernet, audio, etc. I did follow the new method of enabling web drivers and install the right version...
  6. tingham

    Anyone have an Nvidia 970 with Displayport Working?

    I'm new to the community, thanks for having me. I recently set up a build using an old graphics card I had on hand, the 970. I have a Mini-Displayport KVM from IOGear that I use to route my existing MPBs and Windows workstation. I'd like to be able to connect my new "Mac" to my existing setup...
  7. 1pp1k10k4m1

    HELP!!! GigaByte x99-UD4

    I've read some success stories that list the components I purchased. I'm running a Gigabyte x99-ud4, Intel 5960x (8 core), 64GB, and Gigabyte nVidia 970 Windforce cards (x2 in SLI)...