multi beast

  1. tytheguy

    << Solved >> can i use multibeast mojave on catalina

    i notice there isn't a multi beast Catalina yet and i also found another thread about this but can i use multibeast Mojave on Catalina or is there something else i use
  2. totalexile

    What is the point of MultiBeast?

    I just finished installing Catalina for the first time on my build and I’m on the post-installation part of the guide. MultiBeast doesn’t seem to work but I’m just wondering what it’s actually supposed to do? I kind of get that it installing kexts and drivers but where is it installing them...
  3. caburnicus

    How to get Clover boot loader to recognise my seperate SSD with Windows 10 on it? - Dual Booting.

    Hi So I have successfully installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on a normal hard drive. I also installed MultiBeast MultiBeast 11.3.0 - Mojave. I have also installed Windows 10 on my 250 gigabyte SSD drive. So Mac and Windows are on two completely seperate drives However when I boot into Clover boot...
  4. mati12

    I don’t know how config MultiBeast.

    Hello. I apologize in advance for using a translator, but my English is at a terrible level. I make hackintosh and I don't know what options to choose in MultiBeast 11.3.0 - Mojave for i7-6700K and GeForce GT 740 1GB or what kext to add? I will add that after UniBeast installation the card is...
  5. kn15

    Multibeast setup error.. need help!!!

    hey dear community I recently build a Hackintosh for me and I got some problems with the bootloaders with multibeast.. I could successfully install Mojave but cannot setup multibeast for a customised Setups like those settings for Skylake iMac 17.2 after I flashed the EFI I cannot boot , it...
  6. Emare

    << Solved >> High Sierra not booting if Lilu.kext installed

    Hi, my first ever Hackintosh with High Sierra (followed the guides) is working very well except the sound isn't. To fix it I've read I should use Lilu + AppleALC. I've followed this guide from the forum and also some others threads like the iDiot for Lilu guide. If I install Lilu.kext (it's...
  7. Applejack

    Getting past 10.6.0 on a Lenovo X220

    I'm trying to install OS X on a Lenovo X220. There are many reports of people having done this, and it's noted as being a very suitable laptop. The example I'm working with is a Sandy Bridge i5-2520M/4Gb mem. It kept kernel panicking with 8Gb, even though Memtest flagged no errors, and...
  8. JeffersonGmz


    My keyboard and trackpad do not work on my laptop hp elitebook 9470m with Mojave 10.14 as I do to make it work.
  9. Togara

    HELP - Stuck in Apple Logo!

    Hello guys. After booting from my USB drive i selected "Install the OSX from El Capitan" and it gets stuck in the Apple logo. It loads to the end, but it doesn't go to anywhere. Bellow follows my configuration, procedures done, and a print of verbose mode. MY CONFIGURATION: - MOB: Gigabyte...
  10. Duke.polymtl

    Multibeast on Regular Mac

    Hello everyone, i have a macbook pro from late 2011 and a custom Hackintosh running Sierra like a charm, i recently installed it and used Multibeast to install the kexts ... And I had a question, my macbook pro has an issue with the sound input (the switch always think there is an optical output...
  11. moonlight16

    Multibeast install failure

    I'm trying to use Multibeast to install the Realtek ALC887 codec. After attempting to install, I get a screen "The Installation Failed". One observation. It didn't matter if I had the EFI mounted or unmounted before attempting install. Here are the details: macOS version 10.13.5 MultiBeast...
  12. wallace7

    High Sierra + Mountain Lion

    Hi there! I just built myself this High Sierra-Hackintosh: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO, CRUCIAL Ballistix Sport LT DIMM Kit 32GB, DDR 1, INTEL Core i7-8700K, 6x 3.70GHz, boxed, EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming, 11GB GDDR5X, BE QUIET!, BE QUIET! Dark Rock Advanced C1, Power Zone 650W ATX 2.4...
  13. the32nday

    [SOLVED!!!] New Build - Post install negative

    I’ve been at this for the past several days and I’m trying to get to the Multibeast phase with the install but having no luck. The unibeast install finishes, restarts and leaves me with the screen shot attached. I try to boot macOS High Sierra but never make it to Step 5: Post installation with...
  14. viinnnzzz

    Can`t move my mouse or KB

    Hy There I just installed Hackintosh High Sierra. Everything worked fine, but when I install the MultiBeast ,restart with clover and get to the login, I can`t move my mouse or use my Keyboard. What can I do? Thanks for your attention
  15. Torrijos

    Old Hardware - Clean Install stuck at boot

    Hello guys! So my hackintosh is getting a bit old so I want to start upgrading it a bit, or maybe build a new one and give this one to my nephew... In order to ease him in, I want to make a clean simple install, through Multibeast, no DSDT or anything fancy. My issue : - Right now I run my...
  16. rabbicit

    Post installation problem mac high seirra on ga-b150m d3h

    i used multi beast for setup drivers after setup myc os high seirra.. It's completing installation and after complete setup using multi beast then i give restart my pc. when it's opening after show apple logo it's goes down not opening at all.. please can anyone help me for solve post...
  17. adamshumpisxxx

    ALC1150 CodecCommander & Multibeast Configurations

    EDIT: New post specifically about solving my ALC 1150 audio after sleep wake issue. I need some help here. My hardware should be listed right next to my post under my username. I just wanted to...
  18. greekmerclover

    After MultiBeast installation Mavericks stuck on desktop

    I Hackintoshed my Lenovo T400 Laptop to Mavericks and after i installed multibeast and restarted. I can log in and after 20 seconds i cant do anything my specs are: Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4 Ghz Ram 4gb ddr3 Graphics Card Intel 4000hd
  19. kavlos

    Multibeast 10 - High Sierra Failed

    Hi everyone. Trying to install ALC1220A and getting a failed to install error. Here are the logs. Multibeast log: 11/08/17 08:56:09 - Starting MultiBeast 10.0.0-20171106 11/08/17 08:56:25 - Mounting EFI 11/08/17 08:56:25 - Mounting EFI failed. Exiting. Install.log attached (saved as txt).
  20. Dissi

    Can’t boot High Sierra after MultiBeast

    So I was able to install High Sierra on my external Drive and to start the OS. Then, to fix my sound and graphic drivers, I used MultiBeast to install the UEFI Bootloader and the drivers. MultiBeast installed it without any error. When I try to reboot now, I'm unable to get into the OS. I...