1. phunguss

    G4 Cube Alternate Touch Power Button

    G4 Cube Alternate Touch Power Button This is my alternate method to power on/off a cube with a finger in proximity to the top, but does NOT replicate the LED power indicator. I have seen the Hackintosh mods for the original touch button, but of the three I have tried, I could get none of them...
  2. Segmaster

    Quick question about 15" iMac G4 DVI Conversion

    Hello all. I've been working on a 15" iMac G4 conversion for some time now. I've gotten around to the display portion and using the various pinouts I've found online, managed to successfully get the backlight (& dimming) working. I am now working on the TMDS portion, but have run into a snag. I...
  3. Fetoveraxeln

    Help needed: Mojave strangles VEGA 56

    Hi, I recently updated from High Sierra 10.13.1 To Mojave 10.14.0. Everything works fine except the GPU, it's somehow strangled and performs worse than before. Geek Bench seems to indicate that part of the problem is driver based, as it shows difference in maximum memory frequency, see attached...
  4. afmacj

    My Coffee Lake G4 Cube: i7-8700 - Z370 - GTX 1050 Ti

    My Coffee Lake G4 Cube: Z370I-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-AC - i7-8700 - GTX 1050 Ti Comments Soon after finding out about this community (back in ~2011*), I created my first "customac". At that time I saw sleppek's 'My Cube 2.1'...
  5. wise-rice

    PowerMac G5 Case Modding Project - mATX & ATX Conversion - Barebones - Mac Pro Alternative

    So, I am officially crazy... I bought 26 Powermacs (G5) And I modded them ALL They are now ready for ATX and mATX Mainboards… But why 26? Did I mention I was crazy?! (And they were only sold together…) I modded G5 Cases before – They kind of became my passion. This time I wanted everything...
  6. sinoneptune

    iMac G4 MOD with 27' curved screen

    Hello, it's me again. Three years ago, I did a little mod work on my first iMac G4, and post it here: After the first one, I did another two iMac G4 Mod: zMac G4: iMac G4 MOD with 27'...
  7. ChrisLearned

    Mac Pro Front IO issue

    So here's the quick rundown. I just scored a HEVENLY / PRESTINE - gutted, never even been to factory cheese grater mac pro tower with stickers / plastic still on it from someone on craigslist for $20, with full intent on SOMEHOW building a video editing PC inside with minimal to NO cutting. ( I...
  8. jackieboy8

    G5 Chameleon Color, Sweet Dreams mod

    Dear readers, I didn't know if it really matters but I did another G5 build this year and thought you guys might like some pics and vids. Today Ill just post some video's and if you guys like I will also post the build pics. Sorry for the bad quality, will make a new HQ video soon. Reason for...
  9. ZandoBob

    PowerMac G5 Hackintosh mod (long term project)

    As the title says, this is a long term project, as money/time allows. But I have a near perfect condition (just some surface scratches) PowerMac G5, that I'd like to build a mackintosh in. I already can run macOS on my current rig, which I'm replacing with a Xeon build. So I'll have the mobo...
  10. Anostra

    Mac PRO 2009 case questions

    Hello i recently got gifted a mac pro case by a friend of mine. but i have a few questions i have tryed to remove the PSU fan bracket on the top shelf but i really can't find out how its bolted up. also is it possible to use the front I/O ports? mainly the power button and maybe the USB ports if...
  11. galher12

    Power Mac G4 Stormtrooper Case Mod

    Hello everybody! My parents are working with Macs for a long time now and I have 3 old Power Macs G4. For this summer, i wanted a project to work on so I decided to mod one of the G4s just for fun. In this thread, I will update my experience and progress for this awesome mod. I decided to go...
  12. yanooshe

    [HOW-TO] DIY budget RAID storage in an old enclosure

    This project is actually two years old, but despite the aging SATA standard, still current as an idea. And of course - conforming hackintosh different thinking. I invite you to my shop for a short film of the "Do it yourself" series:
  13. CostasV

    Need Help: iMac + Raspberry Pi = PiMac

    Hi All, I was recently given an old iMac 20" (2133 model) to see if I could fix it. There was a logic board failure, so I figured it was not worth the trouble/money to replace it, given its age and limited performance. My wife has a Macbook Air and I am not a big fan of OSX either. I do love...
  14. Easymatic

    G5 Rendering powerhouse

    Hi all, Finished my first PC build and my first mod. Used one of my old powermac G5's. Great fun to discover the whole community of G5 modifiers, wasn't aware there was this recycling movement going on! Have several more G5's waiting. Will be using this computer for heavy 3D rendering tasks and...
  15. Easymatic

    G5 MOD - i7 6800k - X99 AII - 2 * GTX 1080 - 64 RAM

    Hi all, Finished my first PC build and my first mod. Used one of my old powermac G5's. Great fun to discover the whole community of G5 modifiers, wasn't aware there was this recycling movement going on! Have several more G5's waiting. Will be using this computer for heavy 3D rendering tasks and...
  16. cezar.lamann

    Cezar's iMac G5 20 inch project

    Introduction: Hi all. After several months looking through Ersterhernd's, Kiwi's and Dremel junkie's projects, I decided to roll up my sleeves and try my own iMac build. There are several reasons on why I'm trying to do this: I always wanted to have an All-In-One PC, built by me. I like older...
  17. Michael-Hurtle

    How to reuse only the fron power button on the G5.

    I'm currently in the progress of finishing my Powermac G5 case mod, but i want to reuse Only the power button, and LED. i don't want to reuse the USB because i plan on upgrading to USB 3.0 in the front. any way i can mod the three cables coming from the power button and LED?
  18. Michael-Hurtle

    How to Remove the handles and feet.

    I have removed ALL of the hex screws on the inside of the case (backside and front inside), and i know its able to be removed. Does it just require a lot of force to pull it off of each mount?
  19. FlyingApple

    Exploring the Possibility of a White Intel iMac 24 Mod

    Hello! Long time viewer, first time poster. I've been fascinated by the work of many talented people on this forum who have had success modding the iMac G4 and G5, and to a lesser extent, the G3. The work they have put in to turning an outdated computer with a beautiful design into a modern Mac...
  20. AppleMann

    Skylake Cubed

    The build: i7-6700T (35w) GTX 950 (75w) 16Gb DDR4 1Tb HDD 512Gb M.2 SSD Noctua NH-L9I GA-H170N-WIFI Motherboard Pico PSU paired with an Xbox 201w brick I want to make the most compact, powerful, (bang for buck) classic, badass computer I can! As of now the parts are on their way, I'll start...