1. thomstark

    opencore bootloader menu: cannot get rid of "EFI" menu item

    The opencore documentation says: "HideSelf: If you want to hide EFI partion on OC Bootloader choose YES" But apparently HideSelf has been removed in a recent version. I added it to my config.plist and was given an error saying it wasn't valid. That seems like exactly the setting I need to get...
  2. RandomNumber

    Clover Icons too big at boot screen & stetched logo (stage 1)

    Clover boot screen used to be properly sized (1080x1920). But since recreating Clover after my boot SSD died, I am stuck with this annoying giant icon boot screen and also the old stretched apple logo. The stretched logo changes to correct size on stage 2 of the boot process. This is minor but...
  3. animani

    [SOLVED] Clover Boot Screen not showing up

    Hey guys, After upgrading to 10.13.5 and Clover to 4509, the boot screen doesn't show up but OSX starts up just fine, haven't touch a thing in my config.plist. It was showing up before that. Any idea? Update: I suspect that its just that as I got another monitor connected but turned off it is...
  4. motionworks

    2 x GTX 1080 Pascal = No Clover Boot Menu

    Hello There, I have just installed High Sierra (17C205) to my Hack successfully. But I have an issue.I Ihave used The Perfect Customac Pro - macOS High Sierra 10.13 on X99 - Full Success guide. I have 2 x GTX 1080 Pascal GPU (MSI Gaming X +) I fixed my GPU with AGDPfix (Black Screen +...
  5. darkyto

    [Solved] Logout - Restart on apple menu not working

    hello! i have problem from some days ago, when i try to restart / logoff my hackintosh i can't do it, only can restart using terminal with commands "sudo shutdown -h or -r" I don't even see the option "are you sure you want to restart??" any thoughts??
  6. clabella608

    random menus displaying nothing.

    Recently got el capitan finally working on my new build, but there are still a few quirks that need to be ironed out. For the most part things are working smoothly, but when I go to certain menus in certain programs there is an error with the graphics and nothing but a white box is displayed in...
  7. oblivionallthetime

    Boot Menu/Option Acting Funky?

    Hi, I finally have my hackintosh running smooth it seems (along with a windows 10 dual boot) except for one weird problem. My motherboard stopped letting me boot into the boot menu using F12. It would boot into windows if I did nothing, and also if I mashed F12 (in fact it would boot faster...
  8. SullyMac

    UniBeast USB Drive not detected by machine in Boot menu

    I've been trying to re-install Yosemite after my machine having a breakdown. I got the the install screen and it said the SSD I was trying to install onto needed to be repaired, so I did that in Disk Utility and then restarted my machine. Now the same external boot drive won't show up in my BIOS...
  9. aim4chaos

    cannot 'F12' into boot menu crash

    Hi all weird one, I'm trying to dual boot windows 10 and El Captain. I have OSX installed just fine, I'm now trying to install windows following the multi boot guide. It says enter boot menu options. For myself that's f12. I have tried over and over, but every time I try it flashes a...
  10. gobblebox9

    Indefinite Spinning Wheel after Right Click

    Everything went perfect in my last installation and it's been up and running for several days now. Recently, however, when I right click on either the desktop, files, or really anything in the OS, I get the spinning wheel indefinitely as if the context menu is going to come up but it never...
  11. teal

    Clover: can only boot from USB

    So I followed tonymac's guide to Yosemite using Clover, and now I'm at a point where the system will only boot from the memory stick I used to install it. The BIOS ignores my SSD (where Yosemite is installed) and automatically prioritises my dvd drive over it no matter how many times I change...
  12. piemaker16

    Clover with windows - strange boot option

    Once clover boots up, I get OS X, OS X Recover, Windows From EFI, and "Boot Windows from ". If i select that last one, nothing boots and it asks me to insert bootable media. Where is this coming from and how can i remove or hide it?
  13. bodich

    How to remove boot menu

    Hi! I have latest Clover and OSX 10.9.3. Now I have this menu on OSX loading. I don't remember when this menu became appear, maybe after Clover update but not sure. How to remove this menu? Thank you!