1. manci5

    4540S - Install Mountain Lion on MBR (Master Boot Record) partition scheme [ADVICE]

    I didn't want to put up a tutorial, because this isn't one. If you are trying to install hackintosh 10.8.4 or any version of Mountain Lion on MBR (Master Boot Record) instead of GUID scheme, stop it now. I wasted months trying to make it work, reinstalling at least two dozen times using...
  2. Pierre59

    Bootloader doesn't work with my dual boot

    Hello, I make a dual boot windows 7 / OS X 10.8.4 on the same hard drive (Western Digital caviar blue 7200tr/min 1To). The two systems run perfectly and the bootloader on the USB stick work too. But impossible to use a bootloader on the hard drive. I tried many differents bootloader and...
  3. BohemianDude

    Why Windows NTFS GPT RAID 5 is in ML seen as MBR disk with 2.2 Tb?

    I know the issue with limit 2.2 Tb but ML should not have problem to see GPT disks over this limit but why it shows in disk utility as MBR. I don't want to format this 15Tb RAID with MAC my main use for it is in Windows 8 but still I want to have access from Mac. What I missing? How I can make...
  4. snowkid2themax

    Syncing GPT with MBR?

    Short Story: After resizing partitions on my I've ended up with a GPT table that is out of sync with the MBR. Is there any way to sync the GPT with the MBR and not the other way around (like gptsync)? I've looked into gdisk and the f recovery command, but it seems to suggest deleting...
  5. entspeak

    [Guide] Dell 14r N4110 Core i3 - Dual Boot Lion/Windows 7 on the same drive

    I just finished getting my Dell 14r N4110 to boot both Lion 10.7.3 and Windows 7 64-bit from the same drive. I'm still relatively new to hackintoshing, so it took me about a week, a lot of research and a few screw ups to figure it out. Hopefully, this guide - in pulling information I've...