1. MarcinNull

    APFS on MBR

    My computer is pretty old and doesn't have a UEFI so I have to keep MBR to boot Windows. I always have Windows and macOS on the same SSD. When macOS started to check if partition is GPT during update I would temporarily change it. So when I was installing Catalina I changed partition scheme to...
  2. realizelol

    [HELP] Fujitsu LifeBook AH531/GFO

    Hi Tonys, I successfully installed Clover 4741 on /EFI (JHFS+ - Root-Patition) by using "High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch 10.13.x." because this Laptop is BIOS MBR only (no GPT!, so also no APFS Support for Boot-Drive :/). Added these propeties to get a screen without adding a...
  3. Roundboy2007

    Trying to convert from an MBR to a GPT partition to install Windows X on a Yosemite Hackintosh

    Hi Guys, I have been using a Hackintosh which runs Yosemite (version 10.10.5) for a number years now that has bee partitioned to allow me to install Windows X at a later date. Today I began the process of installing Windows X but when I selected the partition reserved for the install I am met...
  4. Nelx

    [Solved] MBR to GPT with Windows 10 already installed

    Hello there :) I'm new to this Hackintosh world and I've been reading the stickies and other useful threads to make it work properly. I already have the USB with High Sierra (did it with UniBeast) and all was just fine. I have a single SSD disk which already has Windows 10 and noticed that...
  5. NoEnd

    MBR to GPT: to extend Mac partition

    Hi dears, I have 2TB MBR partitioned harddrive (400GB Mac Sierra and 1.6TB NTFS data files), I wanted to extend my Mac drive to take the whole 2TB without losing the Data. Thanks
  6. b0uncyfr0

    A lil help with Clover

    Hey all, I finally managed to get OS X sierra installed yesterday and almost everyone is working bar the nvidia drivers acting up and Clover. It seems clover is the one to fix first as the new NV drivers need some changes with Clovers config. This is what my drive looks like: Samsung SSD...
  7. Barrylight

    Windows 8.1 installer wont format my partition (NTFS/MBR-GUID problems) SOLVED

    Hello I think i've tried all, read this post : https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/windows-10-yosemite-dual-boot-same-hdd.173674/ But i'm still stuck: I did my USB stick for uefi systems, but can't get the windows intaller to format my disk, I'm installing it on a partition of a data Disk in my...
  8. mmosharov

    Restore Windows boot

    Hi there! I have 32 bit CPU, one HD and legacy BIOS on my laptop (Lenovo Y430). On my drive I installed Windows 7 first, and then OSX Sierra. So it was MBR drive and I could boot Windows directly from it or OSX with Clover USB. That satisfied me because I did not want to try to make normal dual...
  9. musisean

    Large volume of hard drive is not compatible between hackintosh and real mac?

    Hi, I am testing switching hard drive between real mac and Hackintosh. Because I need to use specific large size hard drive on both computer. Do they are not compatible with large volume of hard drive? When I install 6TB and 4TB hard drive that I've used in mac pro to Hackintosh, it doesn't...
  10. ipad3

    Urgent Help! Prohibited Sign for Unibeast El Capitan

    Specs: HP Z200 Workstation Nvidia Quadro 600 Core i7 870 No, I can't remove the graphics card, the PC came without. Settings:Legacy, Inject Nvidia. Also, GUID partition table wouldn't work(Computer wouldn't recognise), so I used MBR. I have tried USBBusFix=1, -v, -x, cpus=1, ncpi=x2000 I have a...
  11. Ju4n

    Old rig, El Capitan working but only USB booting

    Hi there, I finally made some time to try hackintoshing and it's great. My computer has an Intel DG33BU mobo, Core2Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz, 3gb RAM @ 667MHz and HD 4870 graphics. I succesfully installed El Capitan using the universal guide with Unibeast, Clover and Multibeast, got Ethernet and Audio...
  12. max9000

    Clover MBR Windows 7 Legacy boot?

    I cannot for the life of me get Clover to boot windows 7 MBR install on second drive. This computer had chimera working, but to get the iMessage issue working I installed Clover. I installed following legacy install of clover on EFI part on the Mac 10.10.5 drive. OS X boots fine. But clover...
  13. macp45

    How to move existing Yosemite to SSD that already has Windows installed on legacy motherboard withou

    This instruction assumes the following: You have legacy non-UEFI motherboard. You have SDD on which you want to install two systems: Windows and Mac OS 10.10. You already have Mac OS 10.10 installed on another disk. You have Carbon Copy Cloner installed on your existing Mac OS. I could not...
  14. nkasco

    Switch from GPT to MBR?

    So I made the mistake of installing Yosemite on my new Samsung EVO SSD before I transferred my Windows 8.1 over from my old SSD, at first I thought I could just install Windows then reinstall Chimera to fix the bootloader but then I realized I am running a GPT not MBR... So my question is, will...
  15. cmd-S

    Adding a HSF+ Hard Drive to a Running Hackintosh

    Adding a HFS+ Hard Drive to a Running Hackintosh Hello, I have a Haswell-Refresh build that is running smooth so far. I would like to know if anyone has experience adding/migrating a working HFS+(MacOS X Journaled) storage drive to a Mavericks build. In my particular case, I have a Seagate...
  16. greeneminence

    Chimera boot0 error after formatting HDD

    Hello, recently I bought new Sandisk SSD drive. I've installed Mavericks copy on it, keeping my original partition over old 1TB HDD to copy backup files and migrate some settings to SSD. Then I've format old HDD which caused bootlader boot0 error. It looks like there's no MBR created on SSD...
  17. pabloesco

    boot thread

    Hello, RehabMan. 1.My boot now: BIOS American Megatrends S500CA.202 Using MBR Chimera 3 Instalation was made: using patch MBR into Unibeat USB to be able to boot. What i need to do to be able for my bios to boot GPT My bios works with EFI. I have some settings like: me manually i have to...
  18. sw2719

    Installing OS X Mavericks into Windows installed Hard disk..

    Hi! To install OS X into windows installed HDD and dual boot with it, I patched my UniBeast USB. Then, what file system should i set?? i mean, which file system should set to OS X Partition. GUID or MBR. Please Reply! Thank you :)
  19. Person123

    Zenbook UX31A Questions & Issues

    Hi all, I have an Asus Zenbook UX31A touchscreen laptop, and I've been trying to put OS X Mavericks on it. Specs are as follows: Intel Core i5-3317u @ 1.70GHz. Intel HD 4000 Graphics 4Gb RAM Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 wireless/bluetooth combo 128Gb ADATA SSD Elantech touchpad BIOS Version...
  20. iProCr4ftr

    Installing OS X on MBR-Partitioned Drive

    Hello, I am trying to install OS X on my PC which currently runs Windows 7, and I have created a partition alongside Windows in which to install Mavericks on. I understand that to install OS X, it requires a GUID partitioned drive, however, I have applied the MBR patch so that it can be...