1. donaldclover

    Graphics Card Issue? - OSX Mavericks Installation HP Compaq DC7900 (Stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!)

    Hi everyone, I am trying to install OSX Mavericks on my HP Compaq DC7900 Desktop computer and after already solving some issues by myself, I am stuck now getting the installer to boot on my system with the last line stating "(...) Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!" I already tried to...
  2. frans

    Graphics Resolution Problem at 1920x1080 - Nvidia 8400 GS - Mavericks 10.9.5

    Hi, thanks to everyone in the forum !! I hope you can help me with this one... I have looked in the forum for a way to solve this problem for some days now but I couldn't find the answer.. I recently changed my monitor to a Philips flat tv that supports 1920x1080 resolution. I had a 8400 gs...
  3. AlexisK

    << Solved >> Mavericks Compatibility & K/KF CPUs

    Hi everyone, I'm currently planning on building a "budget" Mac Pro, for about 1300 $. Main uses : AVID editing (no need to edit 4K as we are used to work with proxies), music making (Logic / Ableton), a bit of VFX (After Effects), lots of video exports. As I'm not that experienced in computer...
  4. maleibow

    Looking for update advice

    Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've jumped into Hackintosh land. I built an amazing machine 5 years ago (running 10.9.5) for sound work on ProTools, but now I'm running into all sorts of application compatibility issues and it looks like I need to update. I really don't know where to...
  5. dotpourri

    Upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite failed

    Hi there, my Hackintosh was running on Mavericks super solid, but after some years i wanted to upgrade to Yosemite (and finally HighSierra). I´m using it for some daily use, but mainly as a Media Storage Bay. First: I have done a Time Machine Backup before I started! I removed the Nvidia...
  6. AlexxDoesTech

    Can i install Mavericks on my Vaio laptop?

    Hello! I have a Sony Vaio VPC-CA3S1E and im wondering if its able to run hackintosh mavericks. I tried to install but all i got was a black screen on boot, any help would be appreciated :)
  7. uaudio

    Boot Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 and/or Mavericks 10.9.5 using Sapphire Radeon RX 570

    Hi everybody, Can anybody suggest me a way how to inject a graphic card Radeon Pulse RX 570 8Gb to boot on Lion (10.7.5) and/or Mavericks 10.9.5? I just changed my Radeon HD5850 to RX 570 due to Metal 2 requirements in macOS Mojave. But the ability to use Lion 10.7.5 still important for me...
  8. dannymozzer

    i3-3220, Asus P8H61-MX USB3 Boot Problem

    Hi, I've been trying to install Mavericks 10.9, I know it's older now, but It's honestly the version I want to use, the specs of the PC are: Asus P8H61-MX USB3 i3-3220 8GB DDR3 Memory GTX 750 ti 500GB HDD I've been following this guide...
  9. X

    Dell L502X ALC665 Audio Problems

    Hello all! Tis' be my first post here! I am currently experiencing some issues with my audio, which is not working. I tried using AppleALC, AppleHDA patching, VoodooHDA, as well as other tweaks. None have worked. I am willing to reinstall OS X Mavericks, as I have nothing on my drive. Only...
  10. Toby39

    << Solved >> Can I use 2 monitors on Mavericks OS 10.9

    Hi folks, I have a '2014 build' Mac Pro Hackintosh and am experiencing problems trying to get two monitors to work. I have always used 1 monitor, but have recently acquired some spare monitors and have decided to see if I can use one as a 2nd monitor for my Hackintosh. I have just connected...
  11. ammoune78

    I need help on getting battery and fans patch

    Hi, I'm having problem to get, battery and fans patch for my laptop. It's a HP Pavilion dv6-1380ek, with a Core 2 Duo P8800 and HD 4650 Mobility with 1024Mb. I've got all things working, exept for the battery and fans. My DSDT.dsl will be posted, if dear @RehabMan can initially suggest something...
  12. adambarry

    BIOS Questions - Updating to Sierra from stable Mavericks build

    Hi, I currently have the following Mavericks setup (chimera) which has served me well for a number of years without any hiccups, however I am beginning to miss updates on a number of programs I need to use so I think it's time to update. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 3.3GHz Quad Core...
  13. tijoladarelax

    Lenovo ThinkPad L412

    Hello there, i am trying to install Mavericks on my L412. I cant find the mavericks os, on app store anymore. Is this still working with unibeast?
  14. Computer-help

    Could I install OS X Mavericks on this PC?

    Hello! Could you help me with choosing OS version? My friend wants to install Hackintosh on this PC: CPU: Intel Celeron 2957U 1.40 GHz RAM: 2 GB Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0A06&SUBSYS_06511028&REV_0B) Network: Dell Wireless 1705 802.11 bgn (2.4 GHz) Sound: Realtek High...
  15. RoelsWorld

    Need advice: firewire card for Optiplex 780

    Hello all ... I need advice. I have a Dell Optiplex 780 and Mavericks running on it already. I am a musician / composer / sound engineer and generally work with Avid Pro Tools HD 10. The Optiplex 780 doesn't have onboard firewire, but I need firewire to hook-up the Digi (Avid) mixer pannel to...
  16. underbrown

    Unibeast - Multibeast

    Hello everybody, i'm sorry if I may not following the rules, but i'm new here, and i'm learning. First of all: i found out that i can install a old version of OSX in my old PC. I was following the guide when it says to download unibeast and multibeast. when I've gone to the download section i...
  17. wavecraftproject

    Upgrade/Clean Install to Mojave or High Sierra from Mavericks for a Sandy Bridge i7 system

    Hi I would like to install/upgrade my Mavericks to a new version of OSX cause some of my Audio software doesn't work anymore (I am a composer working with high end audio software, some of the latest versions of my sample libs software like VSL VI PRO or the new version of Cubase 9.5 are not...
  18. deltagande

    How to get hold of Mavericks

    On my Mac mini I'm running High Sierra. On my HP Workbook Pro 4540s I want to install Mavericks, since the i3 cpu on the 4540s apparently does not include SSE4.1 instructions, and so will not run anything higher, at least certainly not 10.11 and up. So off I go to get a copy of Mavericks from...
  19. domtech

    [Solved] Safari not loading pages

    Hello, I love Mac OS X Mavericks and I would like to use it as my main OS on my Hackintosh. However, Safari for some reason will not load pages and requires me to reload the page several times before it will open a link. It was working really well for a while and then suddenly started doing...
  20. jaspreet.virdi01

    system uptime in nanoseconds: 0

    please help mavericks stuck at system uptime in nanoseconds: 0 system information