1. kchoman

    Does my inexpensive laptop support OS X Mavericks?

    I've searched throughout Google and this website for a post related to my laptop's specifications. Unfortunately, I have yet to find an answer to the following situation. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 3531 laptop for basic college functions, and I have tested multiple Linux distributions and...
  2. BagelCo

    Unibeast Installation of Mavericks Freezes at Apple Logo

    Sorry if this has been solved before but we've scoured these forums for a fix for our case, so far we haven't had luck. Our build is as follows: CPU: i3 4160 MOBO: Gigabyte B85M-Gaming 3 SSD: ADATA 128 GB USB: Sandisk 32 GB We put the Mavericks install on the USB with Unibeast from a...
  3. toms900

    Problem Updating From Mavericks to Yosemite

    I hope this is the right place to post this. So I finally decided to update my computer. I used the latest version of Unibeast to create my bootable drive. When I try booting from it without making my USB the main boot drive in the BIOS, I get a the error "Can't find mach_kernel." So then I...
  4. Triggerfish

    Dual Boot Question: Mavericks & W764 2 Drives

    Hi All, I built my system last year for audio production and love it! I'd now like to make it a dual boot system (Mavericks and 7 Ult 64) and I'm preparing to start installations from scratch. I see the instructions for completing it with 2 partitions on 1 drive. How about 2 separate drives...
  5. vinz.vinz

    Audio ports switched O.o

    I am using an ASrock H77m-itx on Mavericks. I am using the old mountain lion driver .kext for ALC892, becuase some people said, that the drivers from the new Multibeast version won't work. Everything worked fine, until the Audio Output stopped working. But surprisingly it just switched ports...
  6. ekeezee

    Solid build for 10.9.4 Mavericks?

    Solid build for Mavericks? [Help] Hey guys, I'm planning on building a Hackintosh in the near future. I'd appreciate it if you can review my build and give me feedback. Anything i put below, please correct me if i am wrong. Keep in mind i am building specifically for Mavericks MOTHERBOARD...
  7. kbhackervgm97

    ga-z77-ds3h HD4000 issue

    So I used to have a mini ITX mobo but need more expansion room. I owned a 3rd gen i7 so based on tonymacx86 building guide I chose the ga-z77-ds3h. Intel HD4000 internal graphics used to work with mavericks on my old mobo, but after changing only the mobo to the ga-z77-ds3h I get stuck at the...
  8. swrap

    [Solved] GA Z97X-UD7 TH Mavericks Install Issue

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and help. I am new to the hackintosh world (this is my first one!) I am an audio engineer building a system with the need for thunderbolt. I have two SSD for my PC...the other for Mac. The PC partition works well. Used it to update the BIOS...
  9. bogprs

    Intel HD4400 - HDMI port issues on Mavericks

    Hello everybody, I'm running Hackintosh Mavericks 10.9.5 on DELL Inspiron 15 (7537). I have Intel HD4400 graphics running on HD5000 kext (poor numbering) and AppleFramebufferAzul. I am experiencing restarts whenever I plug in my external monitor over HDMI cable. Any help how to enable external...
  10. JestaGeek

    Fixing display issue for high-resolution screen, Mavericks, Haswell, GA-Z97

    Fixing display issue for 1440x3440 resolution, Intel HD4600 i5-4690K, Mavericks, Gigabyte 9-series I've just built a system around a new LG UltraWide display, LG 34UM95-P (, which requires HD4600 or greater integrated graphics (or...
  11. walterf25

    Installing Mac os on HP Pavillion DV7 6c00

    Hello all, i'm new to this forums, and i'm in need of installing either Snow Leopard or Mavericks in my HP Pavillion dv7 latop. I did this years ago on an older laptop i had but i can't remember it being this difficult. My system is running windows 7, a Core i7 quad processor i7-2670QM 2.2 GHz...
  12. composerguy78

    Mavericks not in Mac App Store - How do update to Mavericks from Mtn Ln?

    I have 10.8.4 installed on my hackintosh and I'm trying to update to Mavericks but it's not available to download in the Mac App store. Is there a guide for how to update using a Combo update? Or is there a workaround anyone can suggest? Thx Felix
  13. MrSaint

    Synaptics Touchpad goes crazy :( OS X Mavericks (Lenovi G50-70)

    Hello, i installed OS X Mavericks succesfully on my laptop. But my Touchpad goes Crazy every time when i Touch it Whats The Problem? Help please!
  14. fbengo

    Correct multibeast settings

    Hi guys, I have installed OSX Yosemite successfully on my computer but I am not sure what settings I need to select in multibeast. I have read all posts regarding my motherboard on this forum, but all posts are outdated and meant for OSX Mavericks instead of Yosemite My system: Asus Maximus VI...
  15. fredmbarros

    Install memory stick while computer sleeps

    I know this is stupid... As stupid as it gets, but I did it. Last night I was trying to roll back from Yosemite to Mavericks and finally have been able to do it taking out a memory stick (all I was getting while trying to boot from USB were kernel panics, then it dawned on me to leave just one...
  16. daminyx

    MSI Z87-G43 Mavericks Installation Help REBOOT VIDEO

    This is my first Hackintosh. I did everything in the installation guide. But when I'm on the boot screen Unibeast and I choose my USB memory to install Mac OSX gray screen with the apple logo appears but soon disappears and then restarts. What I can do or what I did wrong? :banghead...
  17. pablovanwetten

    Thinkpad x220 Dual boot Windows 7/Mavericks guide?

    Hello everyone. Could anyone point me to a guide to doing this please. I have a thinkpad x220, i7, 4gb ram, SSD 160gb I have seen a guide but none seem to be specifically for the setup I desire. I am aware that it is possibly a combination of two guides that are out there already, just...
  18. ghettodog

    Why 9 series MB, and not 8?

    Hi, guys. Following "Buyer's Guide", I decided to buy GA-H97N WIFI MB. All was good until I met many posts about Mavericks install issues. And I need Mavericks for now (until my needed programs update for supporting Yosemite). Of course, I can buy H87N (and, seems like, I will:roll2:). So, the...
  19. JeanPrado

    Downgrade to 10.9.0

    I'm having problems with my integrated graphics card (HD 3000) both on Yosemite 10.10.1 and on Mavericks 10.9.5. No graphics kexts are being loaded, so I'm getting a 7 MB generic graphics card and it's affecting the performance. How can I get back from 10.9.5 to 10.9.0 or even 10.10.1 to...
  20. LiamE

    SSD I install OS X Mavericks on is not showing up?

    So after I finish installing Mavericks from my USB, when I return to the Multibeast boot menu thingy, It doesn't say anything about booting from the SSD I installed Mavericks on. Only the USB to install it is there. Specs: Intel Core i7-3517U 1.90Ghz 8GB Memory Not too sure what the bios is but...