macpro 3.1

  1. Dsmall94

    Gtx 780 Mojave 3,1

    So I’m planning on doing the pixlas mod on my 3,1 and installing a gtx 780 and continuing to run my 8800 gt for the boot screen on an auxiliary monitor. Before I pull the trigger on the 780 and pixlas mod is there I should be weary of? Should I just get a 680 and flash it?
  2. OferSmi

    Update from 10.10.5 to...

    I wanted to update my os (its about time...) Lurking a bit in the forums (like one does before an update) I saw someone say that if I have MacPro3,1 I cant update to High Sierra. I saw in my system report that I do have MacPro3,1, so what could I update to and how to do that? thanks Ofre
  3. koomatai

    980 Ti / MacPro 3.1 - 4k image too small, can't see recovery mode screen

    Just got a Geforce 980 Ti and 4k tv for my old (not Hack) MacPro 2008. 4k image is too small, and no controls for scaling, so trying to use SwitchResX, but it now says no custom anything in OSX 10.11.6 (can't update further) without first disabling SIP which seems to require CMD R at boot...
  4. mfletcher

    MacPro 3 1, Black Screen on Bootcamp with flashed GTX 970

    Hi, Im having an issue with my MacPro 3,1 in Bootcamp when using a MacVidCards flashed GTX 970 card. Ive emailed MacVidCards separately, but I thought I would try here in case someone has a similar setup and has managed to resolve the issue. Configuration MacPro 3,1 Video Card: NVidia GTX970...
  5. scaryOutfit

    MacPro 3.1 with Broadcom BCM94360CD - Bluetooth not working (wifi ok) on El Capitan

    hi all. i have an old mac pro (3.1) with this card inside on a mini adapter for Wifi and BT. yesterday, i was on Mountain Lion with everything working ok. i upgraded to ElCapo and now my BT stopped working. I had an issue with wifi but this seems resolved now. im a mac noob so am hoping you guys...
  6. estefan3112

    Asus PCE-A68 in MacPro 3.1 - no success

    No luck until now with installing a brand new Asus PCE-A68 in my Mac Pro 3.1 (Early 2008) in Mavericks 10.9.2: The card is properly recognized, but the card consistently refuses the ac mode - instead it is running in a mode with ridiculous 54 Mbps (but very stable :crazy:): I had high hopes...