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  1. Kornee

    Boot problems on Fusion Drive

    Hi there, Recently I installed a WD Black 2 dual drive in my early 2011 Macbook Pro. I've managed to make a fusion drive out of it, and it's doing everything I expected from it. The only problem is that intermittently, my mac won't boot all the way. It will get stuck at the loading screen you...
  2. r2tincan

    Use MacBook Pro as 2nd display

    Hi guys I'm trying to get this to work and I'm having a pretty tough time. Apparently you can connect two real macs via thunderbolt or you can use an imac with a miniDP connector and enable the macbook or imac as a 2nd monitor. I tried connecting via thunderbolt, but my computer isn't...
  3. Thasright

    Can I make a Bootable USB drive from a MacBook Pro?

    I am building a new PC and the only Mac I have is a MacBookPro, can I make a bootable USB drive from the MacBook Pro?
  4. georgemay1234

    Is it possible to clone my Macbook's OS SSD, and install it on a mSata SSD, to dual boot Win7 and OS

    I've really wanted to dual boot my windows PC for a while, and tried a couple times in the past with a friend, but i'd only had limited access to the mac we were using, which meant i couldn't take the time to do it properly and carefully. I have my own Macbook now though (Mid '14), so I'm ready...
  5. SeePlanet

    Tried to boot MacBook Pro with Hackintosh HD

    So in a moment of stupidity, I tried to boot a USB hackintosh hard drive containing Mountain Lion with my MacBook Pro. Obviously it would not boot and gave me the black screen with a circle and a line through it. I immediately restarted and booted back off of my internal Mac SSD. Problem is...
  6. dtdcoolrunnings

    Windows 7 not starting on BootCamp

    Ok so here is some information - I have HDD 750GB and 32GB SSD - I used bootcamp to install windows, but had to disconnect my SSD - 750 GB HDD was partitioned for OS X and Windows 7 Ultimate - OS X most recent update - Macbook Pro 13" 2012 - Bootcamp Windows 7 Ultimate using USB Boot...
  7. aniltarman

    New Macbook Pro's - No Maxwell?

    Now that the new macbook pro's are release with 750m's again, does it mean that the maxwell architecture is not going to be supported for a while? any guesses?
  8. dtdcoolrunnings

    Windows 7 not starting on Mac Book Pro 2012 13''

    Ok so here is some information - I have HDD 750GB and 32GB SSD - I used bootcamp to install windows, but had to disconnect my SSD - 750 GB HDD was partitioned for OS X and Windows 7 Ultimate - OS X - Macbook Pro 13" 2012 - Bootcamp Windows 7 Ultimate using USB Boot Camp (Windows 7)...
  9. tonydmacx

    Update on new 2014 MacBook Pro Retina Laptops?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy new MacBook Pro with Retina for my girlfriend and I but don't want to shell out $2k a piece now, and then have Apple release new models next month. Does anyone know when the next version of Macbook Pros will be available, with Retina screen? Latest I heard was Q4...
  10. ExplicitNuM5

    Which MacBook Pro SMBIOS model do I use?

    Specs: i3-2370M HD 3000 HM75 ALC269 (VoodooHDA, no worries) RTL1811 QCA AR9285 Problem: Which MBP do I use as SMBIOS laptop model? 13 inch i5, 15 inch i5 26xx/27xx/28xx, or 17"?
  11. faceofjock

    Macbook Pro lags and freezes

    I have a serious problem with my MacBookPro 9.2 mid 2012. it worked very well until i connected an iphone to it , the finder has blocked 2 times and i was obliged to do a force shutdown. I can not use it without blocking, always freezes even if it is an i7 with 8GB of RAM. I tried : reseting...
  12. mwatsonca

    Migrating FROM a Macbook Pro

    Hi all - new to Hackintosh. I am looking to dual boot a machine that I will receive later this week. The pickle is that I am selling my Macbook Pro this week, and would LOVE to be able to simply migrate my entire drive over to the new one. It is entirely possible that I may make a time machine...
  13. chedemann

    Apple pushing Pro desktop users to the Mac Pro

    Did anyone else notices the both of the new 13 & 15 MBP have thunderbolts 2 but newer IMac has the original thunderbolt. I guess Apple wants a clear distinction between their products with the word Pro in them and those that don't. That leaves a nice little void for the hackintoch community...
  14. hxt148

    Updated System Definition and Failed - Mac Pro to MacBook Pro

    [SOLVED] Updated System Definition and Failed - Mac Pro to MacBook Pro I had a working PC for a quite some time until I decided to install a new computer definition to go from Mac Pro to MacBook Pro via Multibeast installation. Now my computer does not load up properly after a restart. What...
  15. mildj84ns

    MacBook Pro 17" 2009 Jerky Brightness Control

    I recently bought 2009 17" MacBook Pro but i noticed that it doesn't change screen brightness smoothly as my 2011 MacBook Air does or even my old 2009 13" MacBook Pro, it's all jerky, it just jumps from one value to the next, when moving the slider in sys preferences it's all smooth but when...
  16. Cydonia22

    [SOLVED] Unibeast failing consistently despite usual troubleshooting - LOG INCLUDED

    Previously failed consistently when using Lion 10.7 Fresh install of Mountain Lion 10.8 No other copies of the Install app anywhere on the PC, including the trash Errors still received Error Logs /var/install.log: Marker - Jul 27, 2013 10:15:29 AMJul 27 10:15:33 CATHERINEs-MacBook-Pro.local...
  17. oldsaintnich

    Purchase current rMBP or Wait for Haswell rMBP?

    Hey guys, My hackintosh has been functioning as my main desktop-system for quite some time now, but I am enrolled for university in the fall, and I plan on purchasing a rMBP. I plan on purchasing a refurbished baseline 15" rMBP model from Apple to avoid the usual debt associated with the...
  18. mildj84ns

    [SOLVED]YouTube videos loading lags in Safari

    I'm using Mountain Lion 10.8.4 and i have big loading lag when opening YouTube videos, the page opens instantly but the video needs at least 15 seconds to start playing, this issue only occurs in Safari, and it's really annoying, Chrome and FF are both working fine. I've tried reseting Safari...
  19. sshanky

    Interesting prob: Used Migration Asst to move from hackintosh to macbook pro, audio sucks on mbp. wh

    Hi, Wanted to migrate my hackintosh to an MBP so wouldn't have to reinstall everything, and it worked pretty well. It wouldn't shut down, but then I removed two kexts that shouldn't have been there (FakeSMC and one other one I noticed) (by the way, weird that migration assistant moves kexts)...
  20. someotherguy81

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