1. kingseamus

    Audio Drop Out -- Trying to Find Culprit in Logs

    [Mac Pro 5,1, 10.12.6] For months now, my audio interface (Apogee Duet 2, USB-powered) seemingly randomly cuts out, causing my speakers to pop loudly, then power cycles indefinitely. These drop-outs are not obviously tied to any activity on my Mac--it could happen when I'm checking email on...
  2. easb

    10.13.5 Errors in the files displaypolicyd.IGPU.log and displaypolicyd.log, I have to worry about th

    Regards, I install successfully the update 10.13.5 I was reviewing the macos event console and in the file displaypolicyd.IGPU.log this error is generated every few seconds without stopping. In the file displaypolicyd.IGPU.log PolicyEngine started: 7800020000000000 ERROR: MULTI_HPD_MST is no...
  3. ringterlit

    I have a question about the way the Console now works

    I know one of you bright folks will be able to point me in the correct direction. I am trying to find the boot log in Sierra. I know they are no longer stored in flat text files. I am looking for the post Clover log (I can see the Clover log in Clover Configurator successfully.) I want to...
  4. pizzaguy

    Astonishing amount of error log info

    My Z87x box has been running quite well now for a long time. However, whenever I'm directed to inspect either the system.log file, or the various other log files, I'm stunned by how much chaos is being reported in these files. Hundreds or thousands of errors going on all the time, complaints...