1. allingk

    Portable Virtual Itunes Machine

    One of the things I dislike about Itunes is it's vulnerability to data loss and moving it to another machine if you need to. Also for myself since I travel it's hard to take it with you unless you keep it on a laptop. I'm a old virtual machine fan from back in the IBM mainframe days and have...
  2. Twiz9491

    Xcode And Itunes MobileDevice.pkg Fix!

    Hello everyone i have been trying to get my Xcode and itunes working properly for a while now and i finally got it :headbang:so i thought i would save some people the headache check this out. The Problem Xcode would not work because on first run the file MobileDevice.pkg must be installed and...
  3. AusafK

    The Perfect HTPC flow

    ok so im not sure I'm posting this in the right place but the folks at tonymacx86 have always been good to me so i though i would give it a shot. I plan to commence building a HTPC server that would distibute files around my house and to my apple tv but what i really wanted to do was to set up a...
  4. supergab

    Can I set up volume and itunes controls on the F* keys of my standard Windows keyboard?

    I use a standard keyboard for windows on my Hackintosh system and would like to know if it's possible to set up volume and itunes controls on the F* keys?
  5. BoomLive

    Try this iTunes and iPhoto problem

    My System is Stable. Works wonderfully except for a few issues that could be considered minor annoyances. I have the Z77-DS3H rev 1.1, i5-3570K, good audio and it all works well except for the fact when I try to run videos in iTunes it doesn't work, plays the audio wonderfully, but no video...
  6. etigrenier

    iTunes lags/skips during normal playback

    Hi, I built a Hacktintosh recently and everything is working fine, thanks to the guides of tonymac, but I have now this little glitch, it's not very important, but I find it pretty annoying. I loaded my iTunes library onto the new iTunes 11 on my Hackintosh, and I have this little skipping...
  7. jam3l

    Can't Sync iOS Devices

    I cannot sync my iPad nor my iPhone with my Hackintosh. I am running 10.8.2 and when i go into iTunes it does not recognize that i have either device plugged in. As always any help would be greatly appreciated. MoBo: Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 rev: 1.3 F8 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870 CPU: Intel...
  8. T

    Itunes loses random files

    I have my music collection on NTFS data partition (I use Tuxera) to share it for both OSX and Windows. I have set my iTunes to make its library there and copy all music to that location. So I never edit, move or do anything to it. Still, apparently random music files get that question mark icon...
  9. joetennisstar

    iTunes 11

    iTunes 11 installing issue I am trying to update iTunes to iTunes 11 running 10.7.5. I downloaded iTunes from apple and before it finishes installing, it forces me to restart the computer. Anything that will solve this from happening in the future?
  10. alex12342

    OS X 10.8.2- Freezing while updating iTunes

    Every time I try to update iTunes, the app store downloads it, then when it is installing, the computer freezes and I have to manually reset the computer. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? OS X 10.8.2 - ga-z77n-wifi - 8 GB RAM - Nvidia GTX 670 graphics
  11. appleiscool

    iTunes could not connect to this iPhone + LHS USB 3 port

    Some more testing of the 4230s, just found another issue with connecting iPhone to left hand side -lhs- USB port. What works - power over lhs usb to recharge the iphone if connect to rhs usb, it seems to connect to the iphone. it shows up in itunes. What not working - iTunes could not...
  12. cyphrex

    iTune 10.7 HD Playback problem

    I've been working on stabilizing my first hackintosh build (see specs below) and was just starting to reload from a time machine backup and realized that my HD TV and movies that I had purchased could no longer be played back (I just get a blank black video window and the video never plays)...
  13. ketilschei

    iTunes, Quicktime and Youtube wont play

    Finally I got sound coming out of my MOBO, so I thought I`d have luck with iTunes QuickTime and Youtube. YouTube run for about 5 seconds, then the browser freezes iTunes goes into a freeze just by opening the program Quicktime gives me the 101 error. I cannot find any related topic...
  14. el_loco93

    iTunes HD content not working on my ivy Hackintosh

    Hey guys i have an GA-Z77X-UD5H a i5 3570K and an HIS 5770 and GraphicsEnabler=Yes but still cant get HD play back. ive tried everything from fresh install to uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling but nothing works! :banghead:
  15. Glory0TK

    Itunes video not working

    UPDATE: [Can play SD video and plays HD Trailers - there seems to be a problem with playability with items previously purchased] So I've had my Hackintosh working for quite some time now (about 2 weeks, lol) and I have come into no hiccups until last night (and today): iTunes will not play TV...
  16. adkap2

    Iphone wont connect to itunes on hackintosh

    Hi my hackintosh has been working pretty good accept for this one thing with Itunes. So when i plug in any IOS device into my computer it charges but it wont show up in itunes. ive tried all the usb ports on my computer nothing has worked, I'm Stumped :think: I know it isnt the devices Because...