1. familygw

    [HALF-SUCCESS] iTunes 12.7 constantly crashing (random messages)

    Hi, after a successful installation (directly) and after fighting with the NVIDIA Web Drivers (just boot in single user, and remove manually the kexts and cleaned the caches, then boot fine and install the drivers again), the iTunes is crashing for everything, see the report: Process...
  2. randor48

    Video(DRM?) causes System freeze

    Hello there, I just finished my Hackintosh with a clean High Sierra install. So far everything seems to be right, got even sleep through patched DSDT working. Only big issue is that videos (HTML5 on Safari (Youtube HD), iTunes trailer) causes System freeze. So it seems to be DRM related. I...
  3. L0rdLogan

    Itunes movies - Blank screen - High Sierra

    Seems like a small issue in comparison to others. Itunes 12.7 GTX 970 - using latest web drivers Intel core I7 5820x Gigabyte X99 UD4-Wifi Everything is setup the same as it was in Sierra, SMBios is the same, and apart from Clover giving me an error about APFS on boot and the loader being...
  4. BadGoldish3725

    Accidentally Updating iTunes

    Here's the premise; I have had IOS 11 on my iPhone 7 for a while and this morning after an automatic update, it is stuck in a booting loop. I hopped on over to MAC OS El Capitan on my hackintosh and a prompt asked me to update iTunes. I am so used to windows I clicked yes without thinking of the...
  5. NMAN124

    2.195 Terabyte ipod classic

    Here's a good one: A while back i buy an old ipod classic, fourth gen., off ebay to put flash storage in it. a VERY long story made short: I'm frustrated and put a brand new, blank, 16GB card in my SD to CF to 1.8" IDE adapter monstrosity and put it into disk mode. this takes a fat minute, and...
  6. Doofitator

    iPod and iPad receive power from USB2.0 ports, but do not connect to iTunes.

    Hi, All. The last thing I need for a functional system (save from my graphics issue) is support for iPads, iPods, etc., which receive power from the motherboards' USB2 ports (in the back of the case), but don't show in System Profiler, Finder, iTunes, etc. They do not receive power from my USB3...
  7. rajk09

    how to determine which driver to install on my pc

    I have install Sierra on my pc perfectly its loads perfectly but there is still problem with app store, itunes and sound. for app store i think its asking for ethernet driver to sign in. and i also want sound driver for that...can anyone tell me a easy guide for that. for itunes its shows some...
  8. nagha

    iTunes Video Streaming?

    Thanks to the other threads, I've been able to make this work (mostly). I'm able to download movies in iTunes and watch them without problems. However, I can't stream them. It would be very nice if I could stream TV shows/etc. My config (configured as iMac 17,1) Skylake i7-6700K GA-Z170m-d3h...
  9. adrian2043

    Won't boot after iTunes/Security update

    After successfully updating to Sierra today, I then updated iTunes. When re-starting , there was no progress beyond the Bios entry screen. Nor can I can't enter Bios. I've also tried booting from my original Yosemite installation USB with no success (in safe mode or otherwise). Currently I...
  10. snoopy12533

    iTunes Issues with new build

    I just recently built a new system and it seems to be working fine, with the exception of iTunes. I had some trouble moving my library over so I decided to start from scratch and download everything again since I have iTunes Match. whenever I try to add this computer I get the message that...
  11. hwijegun

    Mic not working after iTunes update

    Hi, I've been using MacOS Sierra for a couple of weeks now without a hitch. But suddenly my audio and mic stopped working. I managed to get my audio working again by reinstalling VoodooHDA, but my mic still doesn't seem to work. Anyone know how to fix this? This all seemed to happen after an...
  12. dangerh

    Can't access iTunes store or account - El Capitan

    Hi - I'm a newbie to the hackintosh world. I keep getting locked out of my iTunes store. In the past it has happened when I wasn't up to date, and updating to the latest OS/iTunes has fixed it. I'm currently on 10.11.6 and iTunes 12.5.1. I can log into the App store no problem. I don't...
  13. bwilliams2002

    Getting Past Apple's DRM Restriction on Hackintosh!

    Okay before I start this will involve you to have a REAL mac handy. Okay so what I found out is that iTunes Download Agent cannot be altered -- meaning that there is no "technical" way to download DRM Movies/TV Shows and play them from your hackintosh. So now we got that out of the way lets...
  14. namelessone

    El capitan crash on using iTunes

    Hi there, Everything is working just fine, however, on using iTunes ( my system hangs completely. My computer is quite the standard Core i5 with a H61M mainboard, and i am using a Mac compatible USB sound card. Has anybody here got some ideas? Thanks :) PS. I searched a lot and was...
  15. ktmzach199

    New Build Wont play ANY video

    I just finished my new El Capitan build, using the mac mini deluxe guide on this site. Instillation went amazingly smooth, but now i cant get any video to play. itunes or non itunes video(videos from dvds). This was with no graphics card at all, just using the integrated graphics on the mother...
  16. buyjoey

    Itunes 12.3.2 in El Capitan Movie Preview Trailer Not Working.

    Hi, Is anyone has the same Problem? Recently I was trying to see Trailer of Martian, But not playing in the Quicktime player. I tried to see Music Video preview which worked well. Anyone has the same issue? Joe.
  17. ArranP123

    iTunes crashes about 10 seconds after it launches!

    iTunes crashes due to Intel HD 4000 kexts Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to the hackintosh community and I've successfully managed to get my Lenovo Ideapad z500 laptop up and running! :D Although I have a few problems left to solve, the one that's really bugging me (and with no online...
  18. lotz98

    Which Motherboard/Chipset/Setup supports playing/viewing iTunes DRM content?

    I've been reading a lot about this in the forums. Is there most recent hardware available to buy, that supports viewing iTunes DRM Movie content on a Hackintosh build? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  19. Dark.Star88

    The new 12.2.1 iTunes Compatibility

    Is the new iTunes compatible with Yosemite?
  20. thedieumerci

    Hackintosh & iTunes can't see my iPhone

    Hi all. Help me please solve the problem. 1. When i try to connect iPhone to PC - nothing happens (but i can see iPhone in SystemReport(usb) window. No charging and no messages about fail connection. 2. After unistalling iTunes, removing AppleMobileDevice.kext and restarting, my PC recognize...