intel hd3000

  1. applehacker321

    Dell Vostro 3450 Prohibition Sign During Installer

    I'm getting the prohibition sign halfway into the progress bar when booting from Mac OS Mojave USB installer. This is a SandyBridge Processor, therefore I'm using Mojave Patcher to create the USB Drive then using the following EFI Folder (see attached) similar to the Sandy Bridge ThinkPad x220...
  2. madfive

    Dell latitude E5430 graphic support - Help please!

    Hello! I'd like to ask for some help with the installation of OS X 10.11.6 on a Dell latitude E5430. The problem is, that I can't get to the installation screen. More precisely, when I get there the screen glitches out so I can't even start the installation. After connecting the laptop to an...
  3. thomask556

    Sierra. Intel HD 3000 Graphics not recognised property

    Hi. I am having an issue in Sierra 10.12 one that I didn't get on 10.10.5 Intel HD3000 graphics only showing as 3mb. And no acceleration etc. Tried a few different things with. No luck. Also get the same problem when. Trying on my other laptop that has hd4000. Specs of the one I'm using is a...
  4. 11212

    Some problems gone, some appears... - Intel HD3000

    Hi! I have succesfully enabled the HD3000 card in OS X El Capitan, but some problems appears again... Working: - Built-in screen with full QE/CI. - HDMI and VGA ports Problems: - The system sometimes freeze with error message in console: 2015. 10. 04. 18:28:49,000 kernel[0]: **** Debug...
  5. andrigis

    intel hd3000 64 mb shared memory

    i had installed maverick on my asus zenbook ux32a core i3 2367m chipset HM76, with clover efi bootloader. after installation i can't use graphic kext.. it say 64 mb shared memory and no kext loaded.. please how can i do for that?.. :banghead::banghead: