1. c22contra

    << Solved >> Catalina installed, won't boot without USB

    Hey all, I've successfully installed Catalina in UEFI mode. The system boots fine with USB in- and all devices work as expected (sound, graphics, network, etc). I ran multibeast quick build as I didn't need any additional drivers. I've tried mounting the EFI partitions (clover configurator) of...
  2. tbjem0013

    Cannot update to High Sierra (Trying to get FCPX 10.4!)

    I built a hackintosh last year and have been using it to edit with FCPX. The new FCPX 10.4 update just came out for High Sierra, so I tried to update (From El Capitan), but I got this: "This version of macOS 10.13.2 cannot be installed on this computer." What part of my hardware is not...
  3. Alvinp027

    Kind of a glitch

    Hello everyone so yesterday I finished building my hackintosh and everything went fairly well except my audio but that's something i'm sure I can figure out. The problem is that i feel that my OS x Y is kinda of glitchy. For example when I move my mouse it seems to move very slow around my...
  4. microteksys

    Successfully Installed Mountain Lion on HP Desktop

    Successfully installed OS X Mountain Lion On HP Pavilion A6642P Change Bios HDD to ACHI Press ESC to Choose USB OS X Mountain LIon Press down arrow key to see boot up option type PCIRootUID=0 and hit enter Follow OS X Mountain Lion Installation and reboot Press ESC again to boot up from USB OS...