gtx 980

  1. Gunnarxg

    "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport" x99 UD4 GTX 980

    (-LEGEND-) x = check mark ;( = problem area Hardware Mobo: Gigabyte x99 UD4 CPU: intel Core i7 5820k GPU: reference gtx 980 RAM: 32gb dd4 2133mhz - crucial Steps I've Taken 1. Created UniBeast Boot. [x] 2. Installed OS X 10.10.0 onto a GUID Drive. [x] 3. Changed the kext for x99...
  2. tipex

    2 GPU: One for windows and one for OSX GTX980

    Hi, The weather is getting cold, no more barbecue and outside party. So i fell to game a little bit this next months :-) I would like to buy the new Geforce GTX980 but i know it's not compatible with OSX yet. But i may have a solution. Keep my old GT640 for OSX (i don't need 3d power in my...