gt 430

  1. langtoi

    help me install kext for GT 430

    I have the configuration g2010 8g ram ssd 120 vga MSI GT 430 2g I have installed serria 10.12.6 but only get 3m vram
  2. fivos1996

    GeForce GT 430 on Sierra - black screen?

    Hi. I have a problem with my Palit GT 430 GPU. It works fine up to El Capitan with Inject nvidia=true on Clover. However, it doesn't work on Sierra. I get a kernel panic on NVDAStartup.kext. So I managed to solve this by using El Capitan's nvidia kext on EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.12. But there's...
  3. svantevid

    GT430 resolution problem, black borders after 5 months of normal working

    My first post so Hi all! After 5 months of flawless working hackintosh, I got this problem. I shut down computer because of the lightning storm, when I turned it back on, the resolution changed to 800x600 as a "best for display". I have the option to use scaled and there are a lot of options...
  4. asuperpower

    Screen goes black after Apple logo

    I downloaded Mountain Lion from the Mac App store (this morning), configured unibeast using a MacBook running 10.6.8 and the plugged it in. I select USB and hit enter. The Apple Logo is shown and then the screen goes black (and the monitor says 'No input detected.' I've tried to unplug the GT...
  5. hacamac

    Zotac ZT 40603 10L Low Profile Geforce GT 430 1GB DDR3

    edit: Sorry mods, wrong section. Could someone move this to Buying Advice? Hi everyone, first post. I recently bought a Zotac GT 430 after seeing positive reception to the card's compatibility with SL. I chose the low profile version which is a little newer (40603 10L instead of 40605 I...
  6. enigmakairos

    Utter confusion: HDMI Audio Z68MA-D2H-B3 UEFI & GT 430 in Mountain Lion

    System: Z68MA Core i3 2120 GeForce GT 430. Where I'm at: My 4th clean install, I have an extracted DSDT with absolutely no edits/patches to it, but hey, at least it compiles. No installed HDAs/Enablers for fear of having to do another clean install without fully understanding what I'm...
  7. galanblanco

    GT 430 Mountain Lion

    Hi guys!, anybody has GeForce GT 430 working fully, in Mountain L.?, I have a partition with Lion 10.7.4 and it works nice, dual monitor, and native resolution for my monitor that was fixed with SwitchResX but not in ML. HELP!.
  8. singj

    Nvidia 550Ti Sleep / Wake / Freeze Thread

    Nvidia Fermi Sleep / Wake / Freeze Thread I've posted in several places that I had my 550Ti working OOB in Mountain Lion. Well, I see now that it's not true! I am having such severe difficulties that I had to revert to a backup of Lion. Something is seriously broken with this card under ML...