1. Campanis

    Audio Not Working. No input or output devices found.

    Running OS X Sierra 10.12.4 Gigabyte gaming 3 H270 this motherboard has ALC 1220 audio I installed that driver when I ran Multibeast however the audio doesn't work. any ideas or insight would be appreciated. thanks. WILL ATTACH CLOVER FOLDER
  2. josephholder

    Need faster LAN for VNC with Intel Gbe controller

    Just recently started a clean sierra installation. My motherboard is a GA-Z170X-UD5-TH by gigabyte. It appears to have an Intel GBE Ethernet built into it that works fine for internet, but, when I do LAN transfers, I get about 80 mb/s speed (with a cat6 cable), and it's hardly fast enough for...
  3. imnothere

    [SOLVED]Sierra does not boot after GIGA BIOS F20 update

    Sierra has been running about one month. When updated my BIOS to F20, stuck on boot. Verbose shows only 4 lines, then reboots. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? OsxAptioFix2Drv: Starting overrides for \. IABootFiles\boot.efi Using reloc block: no, hibernate wake: no asked for...
  4. Cobas

    El Capitan - Gigabit ethernet not working to full capacity

    This is my firs post in on the forum so hello to everyone. This is my third Hackintosh installation starting way back with Leopard - then mavericks and now El_Capitan I just installed El Capitan on my PC - My Mavericks install is also active on different SSD just in case. Machine...
  5. vicrhombus

    Two Airport Extreme's -- Possible to extend wireless & maintain gigabit LAN Speeds?

    Hi everyone, I just posted this question in the Apple Forums, but I figured that it might be worth running this question past a (possibly) more hardware-savvy community. I'm moving to a new place and mulling over the best way to wire up a home...
  6. max9000

    GA-77Z-UP5 TH gigabit ethernet problem

    ethernet works but not at gigabit speed. it did not work at gigabit at all until I set system preferences >> network >> advanced >> hardware tab >> config: manual and speed: 1000baseT then about 10 percent of the time it sets to gigabit. anyone else having this problem? anyone know how to fix...
  7. aparma

    No Gigabit on Asus p8z77/Lion

    hi guys everything works (so far) on my hackintosh asus p8z77-v pro/i7 on Lion, except that my network only runs at 100mbits instead of gigabit. I'm connected to a gigabit switch, and I'm using the same cable I used with my MBPro which ran at gigabit speeds. I've installed Hnak's intel1000...