1. scottperezfox

    Cannot reach OS X Installer, "Still waiting for root device."

    [SOLVED] Cannot reach OS X Installer, "Still waiting for root device." Built my first machine using the guidelines on this site, but I've hit my first glitch and need the help of the community. Here's my hardware configuration: Processor: Intel IvyBridge Core i7-3770K Motherboard...
  2. hellojocke

    Need final compatibility check!

    Okay, so I've lurked around here for some days now and made my own list of components based on this forum. I just want if you guys could confirm my setup will work 100% and tell me if anything won't work OOB. I also need some information on what my multibeast preferences would look like (for...
  3. geekomancer

    My first Hackintosh! Intel Core i7-3770K / GA-Z77X-UP5-TH

    So, I'm getting ready to put these: Intel Core i7-3770K GA-Z77X-UP5-TH GeForce GTX 550 Ti into this: Corsair Carbide*500R Pretty much following the Buyer's Guide recommendations. I don't need a super crazy graphics card, because I'm mainly doing audio. Also, this is my first Hack --...