1. wallytooters

    AMD & B550 woes

    Hello, I'm able to boot from UEFI USB then Press 2 to install MacOS Base Extended - but running into the following error(s). Would appreciate any advice! Here's the dirty on my OC 0.7.2 KEXTS: VirtualSMC 1.2.7 Lilu 1.5.6 WhateverGreen 1.5.3 AppleALC 1.6.4 RealtekRTL8111 2.4.2...
  2. AngelThMan

    Ebios Error - Plese Help

    My build worked for 3 years, but suddenly it's not booting up. This started after I lost power while the system was working. When I tried to turn it back on, it gave me these errors (image below). I'm stuck at this screen. I made my own build 3 years ago, but I'm not an expert, especially since...
  3. Sebimoser98

    Hackintosh Mac OS Sierra on Razer Blade early 2017

    Hi everyone, recently i bought the new Razer Blade before that i owned a MacBook Pro Retina 13" Late 2013. I already made a Hackintosh with my Gaming PC and i got it working except for the Audio. Anyway the problem is i miss a lot features that Mac OS has to offer and are not there in Windows...
  4. hector789

    help dsdt lenovo M73 Haswell HD4400 Desktop

    RehabMan MaciASL 2016 042 6392, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ZERO 10588, 6126, syntax error, unexpected '}' 21181, 6126, syntax error, unexpected $end and premature End-Of-File
  5. thingblob

    Install Hangs at Various Errors.

    Hey, so this is my first post on the tonymacx86 forums and I NEED to post in order to get my Hackintosh up and running. I am trying to get a system dual booted with Windows 10/Yosemite, but that is not really working out for me. Wait, before I say anything else: This is a laptop (ASUS X401A...
  6. 65musclecar

    Customac Mini 16GB Memory Link is wrong

    Hi All, I'm a noob just getting started. I bought all the parts for the CustomacMini but unfortunately the 16GB memory link was for DDR3 instead of the correct DDR4. Thanks to all that contribute to create these builds, and for the benefit of the next guy it would be great to correct that...
  7. Gobachoaf

    Clover Worked Fine for Months...Now it Randomly Restarts.

    Hey guys, I got my OSX Yosemite installation with Clover successfully installed and everything fully function several months ago. I had it to where I can dual boot into Windows and OSX Yosmite. I haven't used OSX a lot since, but any time I had, it worked fine. Today, I tried to boot into Mac...
  8. pizzaguy

    Astonishing amount of error log info

    My Z87x box has been running quite well now for a long time. However, whenever I'm directed to inspect either the system.log file, or the various other log files, I'm stunned by how much chaos is being reported in these files. Hundreds or thousands of errors going on all the time, complaints...
  9. VroepVroep

    Unedited DSDT has hundreds of compile errors!

    Hi, I'm trying to create my own DSDT to get USB ports working in El Capitan. Just extract and go, right? Well, nope. I tried extracting my DSDT with Clover, MaciASL, Ubuntu terminal, and some more applications. Whenever I open these DSDT's in maciASL and try to compile the file (without...
  10. wipflash

    Haswell Installation error

    I tried installing yosemite and it no longer let me boot in to the system. I had to reinstall so booted up the USB with the installer using flags; /haswell -v -x and no matter what I do I can't get passed the error message "Debugger not configured. Hanging" after around 4 minutes of...
  11. Azial

    Yosemite "errors encountered while starting up" and black screen

    Hi, I'm trying to upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite but no luck so far. I installed Yosemite using Unibeast 5.0.1 which worked without problems, but after reboot (no matter wether from boot stick or direct from chimera) I get "errors encountered while starting up the computer" followed by a...
  12. Electrodog10

    Errors installing on flash drive

    I have tried multiple flash drives that are formatted exactly in the instructions, but I can't get Unibeast to work. I get this error:
  13. ruinairas

    Need help fixing DSDT (Fresh Extract)

    Hello, I've extracted my DSDT on Windows, Ubuntu, and Mavericks and each time I'm greeted with 85 errors. It looks like its mostly syntax errors and "object does not exist" errors. If someone could clean this up for me it would be greatly appreciated. I need a DSDT in order to get my HDMI audio...
  14. mihael

    Help me to patch my DSDT

    Hello! I get my original DSDT and SSDT with Clover by pressing F4 button. Inside /CLOVER/ACPI/origin folder I decompile with command: /Applications/ -da DSDT*.aml SSDT*.aml And now if I open DSDT.dsl and press Tools->Compile I see 23 errors (screenshot...
  15. Bstones94

    Dual boot hackintosh - windows 8 completely messed up!

    hi there, I hope I have posted this in the correct place. I am having a great deal of trouble with my hackintosh that I have recently built. I have got the apple side of things installed on a separate hard drive to my windows, and that all works fine, give or take a few minor errors. the...
  16. feroce

    Error encountered while starting up ... on Aspire One D255

    I tried to install last version of mavericks on Acer Aspire One D255 (atom 450 dual, 2gb ram, 3150 intel graphics) with last version of unibeast. I tried different switches and parameters on boot ( -x , -v, .... ) and i have the "error encountered while starting up the computer pausing 5 seconds...
  17. earthsea98

    Haveing a problem with Asus x54c laptop

    I can not install clover properly, I keep getting a messege like this when it boots up Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:GPT Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:error I have to use RBoot to boot into OSX Have any ideas how to fix/install clover properly?
  18. Nattias123

    Kernel Panic Error Snow Leopard 10.6 Installation

    Hello everyone! i have recently built a custo mac following the parts to buy through the website it the resources section and purchased: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P Motherboard i7 3770K ivy bridge processor 8gb of ram 1333mhz Nvidia GTX 550 Ti and im currently running Windows 8 Pro and want to...