1. ainsleyclark

    Bluetooth Dropping - Tried Everything!

    Hi there, Problem I'm having some problems with the BCM94360CS2 Wifi/Bluetooth Combo Card (link here). The bluetooth (randomly or around every 2 hours) completely drops, forcing me to do a hard restart as I have a bluetooth keyboard & mouse. The system is fine, it looks like its still...
  2. AngryG

    Wifi keeps dropping on yosemite

    Hey guys stange problem, but every 10 minutes or so I lose wifi, but it is fixed by turning wifi off then on again. When I say lose wifi, it's still connected to the network, but just no internet. I'm using gigabyte z77 ds3h and the recommended tp link wifi adapter. Wondering if there was any...
  3. bookert

    Wi-Fi drops out constantly (TP-Link TL-WDN4800) [10.8.3]

    I am having this problem where I can connect to a network, browse for about 5 minutes and then I lose all connectivity even though the network remains connected. Turn wi-fi on/off will fix this problem but I have to do it every 5 minutes. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of issue?