1. EmileM

    APGM Injector and the RX580

    Hi, So I'm at the final stages in my build, and I'm reading that the APGMInjector.kext from Github might be able to help me avoid some DRM headaches, and also supposedly it will allow my RX580 to report as an RX580 in IOReg. Right now its reporting as GFX0@0 -> AMD9500Controller ->...
  2. iCpryde

    Apple Music Won't Stream Songs

    So simply, when I open Apple Music I can play songs that i've downloaded no problem but when I try to play a song from the server it simply will not play it just kinda flickers or keeps jumping to the next song and going down the list until one plays ... heres a video...
  3. spyderfyre

    Hardware Acceleration and Decoding/DRM iMac18,3 Monterey

    I need some help getting everything running properly and without manual overrides. I have OC 079 installed on my machine: Z170-HD3, i7 7700k, Radeon RX 560 I set everything up according to the KablyLake guide here 1. I enabled my onboard iGPU in bios and used: OK. that means no need for...
  4. oguz463

    Is it possible to watch Netflix in 4K with working DRM?

    Well actually the title sums up everything in my mind to ask here. I use iGPU but iGPU systems can't make the DRM work as far as I know. Actually I have R9 390X which works great on hackintoshes also DRM works with IMPRO SMBIOS systems but the card's outputs have only DP1.2 but my monitor is...
  5. enigmasi

    Is there any solution/workaround for Apple Music DRM issue with lossless music?

    Someone mentioned that it works with USB DAC but needs confirmation what's causing it and what kind of DAC it must be. I've found only one or two posts about this so far, no many Apple Music users among hackintoshers?
  6. sasta

    AMD 5800x - Asus x570 Plus success (almost)

    I' ve been a member of this forum for a long time. I' ve had hackintoshes working perfectly. My last one was i7 8700k with gigabyte z390 gaming x. Now I have a working i5 8400 - gigabyte z370 ultra gaming with everything working. I decided to jump to the amd train and bought a Ryzen 5800x along...
  7. PlatformDisphoria

    x299 OpenCore with NVIDIA Issues

    Hello All! I'm having a bear of a time with opencore trying to actually enable hardware acceleration and DRM support. I know it is most likely a configuration issue(was working with clover bootloader), and I was wondering if someone who had a similar system wouldn't mind taking a look and seeing...
  8. markmcleod50

    580 with black DRM iTunes content and loading Preview

    I just did a clean install with 10.14.2 and rebuild after buying a Radeon RX 580 Nitro+ but am having some issues with preview not loading and iTunes DRM'ed content showing a black screen. I've detailed my build and what I've done so far on Google docs - no sign in required and you can make...
  9. johncoltrane

    CustoMac mATX expectations: iMessage, HDCP/DRM, sleep/wake

    I'm getting ready to build my first hackintosh (well, for the first time in 9 years), and I am looking at the mATX CustoMac. Gigabyte GA-Z270MX-Gaming 5 NVidia GTX 1060 6 GB Intel 7600k etc. Can I expect iMessage, HDCP/DRM content (e.g. iTunes, Netflix), and sleep/wake to work? These are...
  10. bwilliams2002

    Getting Past Apple's DRM Restriction on Hackintosh!

    Okay before I start this will involve you to have a REAL mac handy. Okay so what I found out is that iTunes Download Agent cannot be altered -- meaning that there is no "technical" way to download DRM Movies/TV Shows and play them from your hackintosh. So now we got that out of the way lets...
  11. lotz98

    Which Motherboard/Chipset/Setup supports playing/viewing iTunes DRM content?

    I've been reading a lot about this in the forums. Is there most recent hardware available to buy, that supports viewing iTunes DRM Movie content on a Hackintosh build? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  12. lolman123

    Unable to install OSx Mavericks due to error 8877652

    Hey guy's I am new and a total noob in mac installation i somehow managed to make a usb drive for the installation but when i tried to install OSx it strucked on boot screen the spinning wheel then i went to verse boot -v mode and it stopped at error code 8877652 i.e. DRMStatus: iTunes/Apple...
  13. Private_PAULA

    iTunes 11.1.3 Video not playing (SD/HD/DRM Content) - solved?

    hi everybody, a happy new year to all of you guys! I have read a lot of posts to the problem with buyed video content from the iTunes Store. Not found a solution yet. I don´t want to downgrade to iTunes 11.0.1 with my library. my Hack ist (October 2013, Haswell build): * Gigabyte...
  14. parallel

    DRMStatus Error

    I have an i7 3770T which has integrated HD4000 graphics. I am using it with a Zotac Z77 ITX WiFi with the latest BIOS. According to CodeRush, this doesn't need patching, so is flashed as is. I have followed Giacomoleopardo's Macmini 6.2 guide and he and others seem to have plenty of success with...