1. Yalcinpups123

    Can someone help me?

    Hello dear forum members. I have been a Hackintosh for more than 3 months. Back and forth I searched for the drivers but, none brings what. It can be that someone synonymous searches for the drivers, which I search. Perhaps there are also one or two, where it worked. I just want to ask if anyone...
  2. Piero2411

    Glitch on a status bar

    hi i have install on my hackintosh nvidia 1050Ti and nvidia driver after that i have 2/3 glitch one of this is up to date and hour. Other glitch in when i torn on hackintosh and start boot on hackintosh it have a black glitch. what can i do for remove that? thanks for the help
  3. bicbo

    My graphic driver keep switching to default mac driver instead staying on nvidia web driver.

    Hello everyone,I instal nvidia web driver and i switch to that driver in settings. But when i reboot driver stay on that default driver. I am using Gigabyte GeForce GT 630 2048 MB. if someone can help me that would be awesome. (El capitan 10.11) Btw i am nooby for this hackintosh game,so i will...
  4. bicbo

    My graphics driver keep switching to mac os default.

    Hello i have problem with my graphics driver,i switch to nvidia web driver in settings but when i reboot,it stays on mac default driver.I use nvidia gt 630.Someone know what should i do to fix that?♥️
  5. Springbockdevil

    TP-Link TL-WN851ND Sierra Driver

    Hi friends I have got TP-Link TL-WN851ND in my pc. Is there anybody;) who have allready intall it on sierra? Many thanks
  6. lucariol

    Driver for D-link DWA-123 D1 mac sierra

    hello, i installed mac OS sierra and all works fine, but not the wifi, i searched all the drivers on this and other websites and nothing works for me, anyone have a driver for this usb adapter o know where download it?
  7. yungyulli

    please help, about to cry

    hey so I have did everything and set up a hackintosh..almost. I need to install drivers and such and im on the multibeast step but i am not sure which drivers to pick. I dont know how to find the correct info to make the correct decision on which drivers to install. how do people even find this...
  8. raffaele1993m

    [Solved] No Signal After Installed Nvidia Web Driver GTX 1060

    Hi to all forum this is my first post and I wanna share with you that I have performed a vanilla installation on Asrock Z170 Pro 4s with all the hardware working (ethernet, audio). My only problem is that I get No signal after boot. I tried various method to fix this issue: Lilu.kext and...
  9. mrcodzombies123

    network driver

    Hey, I just got Mac OS 10.12.6 hackintosh. I was wondering if you could please help me get wifi driver working I have two adapters -Asus USB-ac55R -Tp-link TL-WN722N (V1, tried v2 drive) this is my first hackintosh and i'm unsure if i can get either of them working thanks :)
  10. Piero2411

    Uninstall intel driver for install nvidia

    Hi i have order a new graphic card nvidia 1050 ti by gigabyte and i have to install it on my hackintosh. Now i use a internal graphic card by intel. My question is what can I do for install ma ma new nvidia card? I have tu uninstall intel driver? What i have to do? Thanks for help for my problem
  11. TroubleMaker023

    What Drive do I need for a Intel I211 Gigerbit lan ?

    Im using a Asus Z170 Deluxe, the wifi works natively but I can’t get the lan to work... What driver do I need for Intel I211-AT ?
  12. cheerfulbiscuit

    (HELP!) Belkin F7D4101v1 Wireless USB Adapter Driver

    Hi, I cannot seem to find the right driver for my Belkin Play Wireless USB Adapter. I am totally new to Hackintosh and need help. Thanks!
  13. FrancescoTozzato

    Driver audio for asus z97-K

    Hi guys, i installed Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 but i can't found the audio driver in multibeast, my motherboard recognizes only the USB peripherals like my headset but he don't recognizes the 3.5mm jack. I've already tried to install the ALC887/888b Legacy driver, the ALC887/888b driver and the...
  14. Jdfskitz

    [Solved] Nvidia Driver Manager ECC/No Device Found

    Hi, I'm going to start off saying I'm rather new to this installing mac on a PC thing, but anyways. I managed to get the OS installed and under Graphics Displays in System Information my graphics card shows as an Nvidia Chip model now. Originally it didn't, it showed intel graphics. But in the...
  15. awesomeepicguy

    Stuck at Crossed Out "No Smoking" Sign After Installing Nvidia Web Drivers

    I downloaded the Nvidia web drivers for my card, and it says that the system needs to restart to use them. When the system boots back up, the Apple logo quickly disappears and it shows a white crossed out sign, similar to the ones that are used for no smoking areas. I double checked and made...
  16. Clarenceee

    HD530 can't driver dual screen(HDMI&DVI)

    HI!My motherboard(B150 MORTAR) has three interface(HDMI&VGA&DVI),the HD530 can drive normal when you can only choose one in HDMI and DVI,I want to had a dual screen,and what should I do?Thank you for your reply!I just want to say:"Thank you ! Thank you very much!"...
  17. Max2002

    macOS Sierra 10.12 Audio Not Working (Windows PC)

    I know there are threads with the same problem but I tried many kext's and my sound isn't working. In the Windows Device Manager (Windows 10) I have these devices: Audio, Video und Gamecontroller: - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - NVIDIA High Definition Audio Audioeingänge und -ausgänge...
  18. obergruppenfuhrer

    Asus Supreme FX II on El Capitan

    Hello and good day. I was finally able to get El Capitan working on this system: Core 2 Quad Q6600 overclocked at 3.8GHz 2GBx4 (8GB) DDR2 ram 800MHz overclocked at 1066MHz MSI ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb GDDR3 256bit Asus P5E X38 chipset motherboard Now, I can't find anything about the Asus...
  19. ThalesofMiletus

    Which kexts do i need for my setup?

    Hello i want to try hackintosh, which kexts do i need during installation and after installation? Here are my specs Cpu: Intel i7-2600k Motherboard: MSI H61M-P31 (G3) Gpu: Amd radeon r9 270 Ssd: Corsair ls 120 gb Ram: Gskill 8gb 2x4 1333mhz
  20. daanieldf0

    Is "Ralink RT5370" compatible with Yosemite?

    I bought a Wi-Fi Adapter with "Realink RT5370" chipset. I want to know if it is compatible with Yosemite 10.10! If so, does anyone have the compatible driver link? And how can I install it? Thanks for the help and sorry my English. I do not speak that language.