1. zaheer111

    Need help with Dlink DGE 530T PCi network card

    First of all Hi to all members, Guys I am installing Catalina 10.5.3 and my board lan is not working anymore. I bought Dlink DGE 530T Pci card and I did not find any kext that will work with this card can someone please help me I am stuck on Installation. Btw I am using OpenCore Method.
  2. rkrisi

    Dlink DWA-140 Yosemite

    Hello everyone! So today I have succesfully installed Yosemite on my PC. Everything is okay, except the network. I want to use my Dlink DWA-140 Wifi adapter for internet access, but I didn't find a working kext/driver with Yosemite. I tried installing the driver which I used on 10.9, but this...
  3. pabloesco

    DWL-G122 - Revision C WIRELESS

    asus s500ca battery what i need to do so my battery shows up. thanks.
  4. Trinexz

    D-Link DWA-131 Problem

    I installed the official drivers but when starting the wireless software the application just keps bouncing and nerver starts. Anyone got your device working?
  5. GTFO Science

    Problem installing DWA-556 in Mountain Lion.

    So I purchased a DWA-556 after hearing many users suggest it for its OOB functionality as well as it's superior reception. Unfortunately, I cannot get ML to detect the device, not does it show up in system profiler. Here is a link to the guide I followed...
  6. deviantdj

    GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 F12 - Firewire & WiFi Issue

    Hey there folks, I've seen a few threads, but can't narrow this down. GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 F12 Intel i5 2400 Gigabyte GTX 560 ti 8 GB Memory Everything is seeming to work well so far, under mountain lion. However I can't get my Dlink DWA-566 wifi to see any networks. Mountain Lion says that...