chameleon wizard

  1. stirfry2112

    980 ti working in Yosemite but not accelerated only 1 monitor

    I just recently upgraded from my old AMD 6870 to a Gigabyte Windforce OC 980 ti. I've been researching on the forums here and thanks to the great posts, I have my new card running. The problem is, it is performing worse than my previous card and the HDMI port is not working. After installing...
  2. Toby39

    Can't get past Apple grey loading screen (Mavericks) (I have Verbose info)

    Hi fellow pilgrims, Everything was going so well. I had used Chameleon Wizard to change my SMBios in an attempt to gain a better WiFi connection. It seemed to work. Then I had the problem of my screen res. changing, and some kind soul pointed me in the right direction - enabling the Graphics...
  3. Toby39

    Need to change Monitor resolution back to 1920x1080

    Hi folks, I have read through some threads that most closely match what I'm looking for but haven't quite found a solution yet. I managed to get my Hackintosh working with Mavericks, with help from some moderators in the SL forum, and with help from the tools, iBoot Haswell, UniBeast and...
  4. janthony

    Mavericks 10.9.1 iCloud won't connect

    I've essentially spent all day trying to figure this out. This hackintosh had been running 10.8.3-5 without issue. I do a clean install of 10.9.1 and iCloud won't connect on the set up: it gave a General Server Error. Everytime I try to connect via system preferences, it tells me to try again...