buyer's guide

  1. Lollopus

    Update needed to wifi/bluetooth recommended cards on the Buyer's Guide

    With reference to this thread Right now the Fenvi FV-T919 wifi/bt card is on sale at NewEgg. Wouldn't it be best to add it back to the Buyer's Guide if it's really plug and play as mentioned in several threads? Who's the...
  2. smokeycobalt

    Why Two Drive Sections?

    I just noticed that in the CustoMac Pro section of the Buyer's Guide there were two sections for SSD drives. Is there a reason for this? Do we need two separate drives for a Hackintosh...
  3. MMusic

    Clarify Buyer's Guide listing - Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 WindForce (OC)

    Hi, I was hoping to clarify something with the moderators. I’m currently on the Buyer’s Guide looking at Graphics Cards, specifically the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 WindForce (2GB). Though it’s listed as the standard version, the clock speed (1392MHz) and various 3rd party links you’ve provided...
  4. mariorodrigues

    Contributing to the Buyer's Guide

    Hi, I've been running my Hackintosh for 4 months and I'm very happy with it. Recently I had to purchase a webcam and an external USB sound card. Both works pretty damn well out of the box, the drivers worked pretty well and no kexts were required at all. Also found 2 externals usb mini sound...
  5. Bodega

    Easy questions.

    Hi all, I've been toying with the idea of building a Hackintosh for years and I think it's time to finally pull the trigger. I'll be doing audio production in Cubase, Ableton and Logic. My priorities are: High CPU speed Dual drive system 16Gb I don't plan on doing any kind of video editing...
  6. ShuimuBaby

    Need Advice: i7-7700k + GA-z270x-UD5 + GTX1060

    Hi guys, I am using my old mid-2012 15'' RMBP (2.3G i7 + 16Gb RAM + GT650M 1G + 256Gb SSD) and find it a little slow and running out of storage, so I am thinking to build a new hackintosh. My daily work involves heavy SAS (the statistical software) usage with large databases, R, Matlab...
  7. Ashish2293


    Hello to anyone reading this(if at all) I want to get into audio music production, and cut costs instead of corners, i have seen a couple of builds here, but i don't see anyone who did it in the recent year that is 2017. these are the specs I'm going to buy, is there anything additonal i need...
  8. Delee123

    Budget Hackintosh

    CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 Motherboard: MSI - H170A PC Mate Ram: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB KIT (4GB x 2) PC19200 DDR4 Storage: Galax - Gamer SSD L 120GB, Western Digital - 1TB Black PSU: Corsair CS550M GPU: Sapphire - Nitro+ Radeon RX 470 8G D5 Case: Fractal Design - Core 1000 USB 3.0...
  9. vitoludo

    Buyers' Guide vs Installation Guides

    I don't know if here is the appropriate place for this thread, but is the only one that may fit. Since I'm not an expert I find very difficult to choose the components to build, I mean there is a Buyer's Guide list, but (correct me if I'm wrong) there is no correspondence with any Installation...
  10. Boil

    April Buyer's Guide & the Asus ROG Maximus VIII Impact mini ITX motherboard....

    Excited to see the Skylake components showing up in the Buyer's Guide now, but noticed the lack of the Asus ROG Maximus VIII Impact mini ITX motherboard in there; hopefully just an oversight…?!?
  11. batpigandme

    850 EVO-Series compatibile?

    In picking parts for my first hackintosh build I've pretty much been following the CustoMac Buyers' Guide to a T. However, noticed that the recommended Samsung 840-EVO's "newer version," the 850 EVO-Series happens to be on flash sale for the next couple days and was wondering if it too would be...
  12. simondixgaard

    Buyer's guide EU

    Hey everyone, I am going to buy all the items for building a CustoMac Pro. I located all the items, but Amazon/Newegg only ship to US. Is there a buyers guide in this forum, where all the items are located and available for EU-shipment? Thanks in advance! Best, Simon
  13. alex95sv

    Building a new hackintosh (using the buyer's guide)

    Hello people! I recently sold my Hackbook (Acer Laptop and it had OS X ML) and I've been wanting to move completely to OS X as my main OS. So, I figured since I have to buy a new computer, why not choose parts that will make the usage of OS X on a PC as painless as it can be, and I decided to...