1. jujuliveplay

    Black and white square button hole problem

    Hello, I have a visual problem on buttons ex: numbers itune safarie? I you but a picture of my problem If you have solutions it will be great. Thank you and see you soon
  2. freesby

    Trackpad buttons not working

    Trackpad itself works as far as the voodooi2c kext allows it and the keyboard works with the voodooPS , but the trackpad buttons are unresponsive. There's an active mouse preferences panel in the system preferences for what is worth. What could be done to fix this? Any hint would be...
  3. arunsat

    Confusion with Mavericks download

    Everything is ok but before making the Hackintosh boot drive, when I went to download Mavericks from the Mac App store (mac os x mountain lion running within virtual box in windows 7) it shows only 'upgrade' and 'install' button instead of the 'download' button as I seen in video tutorials. Is...
  4. rileyp

    Extremely sensitive trackpad button (4530s)

    The left mouse button on my HP Probook 4530s recently stopped working properly. It has become extremely sensitive, and the mere weight of a pencil is enough to trigger a click. The button can still be 'clicked', but it has already registered by that point. This is really annoying because it...
  5. ellissitzky

    Facebook Share Button Not Working

    So I've got myself a nice clean Mountain Lion installation. Didn't take too long but I've got nearly all the kinks except one: The facebook share integration seems to be busted. If I go to "Share" an image through the systems context menu (right click), no dialogue ever appears. I tested this...