1. sudorio

    Smcrt: stop :'(

    9 years trying to make a hackingtosh (please help) Stuck again I5 9400f lga 1151 Mb: H310m m.2 2.0 8g ddr4 Hd: M2 Kingston 240gb a400 Gigabyte GeForce gt 710 2048mb dd3
  2. Spencer7220

    Updating from Yosemite to Sierra--Using Several Bootflags Help

    I've successfully built a completely functional Hackintosh in Mac OS X Yosemite that I've been using for a few years. I've finally decided to update to the latest version of Sierra which is possible, but I needed several bootflags to get it to boot successfully back when I use Chimera with...
  3. receivemusic

    EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW Disabled Graphics Card

    I can never boot up my hackinstosh without entering the nv_disable=1 boot flag. I've already installed the latest web driver (346.03.05f01) and can't use my graphics card. If I don't enter the boot flag, then the PC just starts back up to the Clover menu. What troubleshooting do you guys have to...
  4. JetCaesar

    Stuck on first loading screen.

    Hi guys, sorry i'm a newbie but not a newbie to computers. So I got Yosemite on my USB, booted it up and the Apple logo shows up, starts going across the loading bar filling it in with black, THEN at about 20% full it just stops. Like forever. Could any of you fill me in on how to do 2 or more...
  5. mrchow19910319

    CPU Kernel panic??? Pleas help

    I am unable to install Yosemite on my Hackintosh. Here is my build: i7-4770. GA-H87-D3H. 16G of RAM. GTX 660 from Gigabyte. 1 SSD for OS X,1 for windows. I can't even get into the installer. I followed the official guide at our forum. Every time i always get the same kernel panic warning...
  6. zackintime

    Kernel panic while trying to install Mavericks

    Hey all, I'm nearly done with my build, but I keep running into a kernel panic trying to go into the Mavericks installer with my UniBeast created USB stick. I've tried a bunch of different boot flags, and I'm running out of ideas. I'm hoping someone can help me. Here's my hardware: CPU...
  7. Dawelz

    It's possible to permanently add a bootflag? How?

    I mean, everytime i boot i need to add this command "IGPlatformID=01660003 IGPEnabler=Yes" There is a way to automatize this? My config: i5 3210M Intel HD4000 Laptop. Thanks.
  8. Harr0135

    Installation not working properly, used verbose mode. What does this mean?

    Hi, I'm trying to install Snow Leopard 10.6.3 using the latest version of iBoot and am stuck right before the installation actually starts. I have enabled AHCI mode and unplugged my windows hard drive. I don't know if this makes a difference, but the drive I am trying to install onto is a blank...