bluetooth 4

  1. iamvishnu03

    Open Core Big Sur ThunderBolt Not Working

    hello guys..this is my third system and this one is the latest upgraded one and i am having little trouble with the hardware..hoping to find the solution System Configs are as follows intel i9-11900KF lga 1200 MEG Z590 ACE. AMD RADEON RX 6900XT Things that doesn't work Thunderbolt (On Board)...
  2. aictur

    MX Master 3 connectivity problem

    Hi, this is my first Hackintosh build so I'm still learning. I recently bought this bluetooth adapter and I succesfully connected my Magic Mouse to the hackintosh. My MX master 3 for Mac also connects to windows on the same machine as the hackintosh and my MacBook pro. For some reason when I try...
  3. paulclaude

    Move Sierra bluetooth drivers to High Sierra (downgrade)

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to transfer (downgrade) the bluetooth module from Sierra to High Sierra. On my iMac 2011, equipped with a bluetooth 4 dongle, I have three partitions: one with Sierra, one with High Sierra and one with Catalina (patch). There is no way or program to...
  4. GreatDaneinDc

    Intel Bluetooth Wireless-AC 3165 working in Catalina

    I have a z370 aorus gaming 5 with built in wifi and bluetooth Wireless-AC 3165 chip. I noticed that my bluetooth is on but hand off is not supported, maybe Apple is working on adding intel for bluetooth, hopefully the wifi will work in the future
  5. tehmadcracker

    << Solved >> BCM94360 (bcm943602cs) PCI-e X1 WiFi Bluetooth Card 4

    Hey guys, New to the forum, long time Mac user... I recently built a new machine and I am having trouble with getting the bluetooth working, in fact, Mojave is not even showing the bluetooth icon in the status bar at the top... I have tried three cards now, and I was really hoping to get one...
  6. binloan

    Building a new Mac with Bluetooth LE support

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to build a new mac mini. I want it for some smart home applications and thus need one with WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy support. Sadly I don't know if Bluetooth support is even possible. If yes, which MB would do it? Thanks already for your support.
  7. DannyKolev


    I want to install macOS HIGH SIERA PC: CPU: INTEL Core I7-4790 /3.6G/8MB/BOX/LGA1150 Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z97-HD3 GPU: PALIT GTX750 STORMX 2G D5 HDD: 1. SSD SAMSUNG EVO 850 256GB FOR OS WIN 10 2. SEAGATE 2TB SG SATA 6G/7200 64M POWER: FORTRON HEXA + 500P - 500W, 120mm RAM: 1...
  8. maxrussell

    Insignia NS-PCY5BMA2 Bluetooth on Sierra

    Hi everyone! I'm on 10.12.6 and I want to get my Bluetooth adapter working. I'm pretty sure my specs are in my bio and sig, but I was having trouble updating them so just in case, I'm on an i5-7400, MSI B250M Bazooka, 8GB of Viper Extreme RAM, and a GTX 970. I saw a Der Soldat post regarding it...
  9. r-niki09

    Native Bluetooth ASUS USB-BT400

    Native Bluetooth ASUS USB-BT400 10.12.4 BCM20702A0 open sistem\library\extentions\IOBloetoothFamily.kext next copy on desktop file next Show package contents next Contents\Plugins\BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport.kext next Show package contents next Contents\info.plist and it...
  10. gab69

    Magic mouse/keyboard not so magic

    I have El Capitan 10.11.4 working quite nicely, except that I haven't been able to figure out the bluetooth yet. I have a magic keyboard (2016) and a magic mouse 2; both connect well, but El Capitan does not seem to identify them correctly. No gestures work in the mouse (not even scrolling), and...
  11. beelzebozo

    Alternative Native Ultra-Mini USB Micro Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Wireless Dongle Adapter

    A few weeks ago, I found an IFIXIT teardown of the late-2013 iMacs because I wanted to know which Bluetooth solution they came with. This link shows in Step 3 that the 27" iMac comes with "Broadcom BCM20702...