1. NZRichard

    Realtek 7.1 Surround Sound High Definition Audio CODEC

    Has anyone figured out if the latest AppleALC kext is compatible with Realtek 7.1 Surround Sound High Definition Audio CODEC? Looking at an ASUS prime Z690M Plus mobo that references this Realtek codec - doesn't conform to the typical ALC 12XX spec. TIA/
  2. cci[RR]us

    Boosting audio volume through OpenCore

    I'd like to increase the maximum sound volume on my IdeaPad 330S-14iKB laptop built-in speaker. At maximum volume, the built-in speaker is still quite soft. It's louder in Windows. It has OC 0.82, Monterey 12.5, and AppleALC. I read that there are 3 audio settings in OpenCore but not sure how...
  3. marcomora

    Zenbook ux334 FLC

    Hi, I'm trying to hackintosh my laptop but I cannot integrate: trackpad support audio support integrated webcam support Anyone know how to resolve? Anyone has already hackintoshed a zenbook ux334FLC? Thanks in advice.
  4. Berk219

    Intel HD520 No HDMI Audio (BigSur, OpenCore)

    Hi everyone. I have an Asus Laptop with Windows 10 and BigSur 11,6 Dual Boot. I am pretty new at this stuff so maybe it is a very obvious mistake. Before this, I installed macOS Catalina and I couldn't get display output from HDMI. After a while, I installed BigSur and had the same issue. Then...
  5. OxTheLade

    (HELP) No sound in Big Sur OpenCore

    So I have just done my first hackintosh on a Lenovo Thinkpad T440, but the audio is not working for some reason. The output isn't even showing up at the audio settings. Things I have tried: Tried every layout codes reinstall AppleAlc The Specs are: Model: Lenovo Thinkpad T440 GPU: Intel(R)...
  6. gapalil001

    Steinberg UR22c won't shown as audio device (but shown as USB device)

    Hi to everybody! i have an issue with my USB 3 (type C) audio device - Steinberg UR22C it don't shown as audio device from startup, but it's shown as somewhat USB device on system report list. also, steinberg software seeing interface as plugged i need to re-plug the cable to make it works...
  7. karanjain3621

    Asus rog strix g512 li Audio issue in open core

    hi, i had installed monterey in my laptop using opencore. i am not able to listen audio from internal speaker. plz help me to solve this. Laptop Configuration :- model -> Asus rog strix g512li cpu-> Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz gpu-> Nividia geforce gtx 1650 ti audio ->...
  8. lberglar

    Asus Vivobook r573u

    Hey Guys im kinda new here and need your help. I just finished installing my second hackintosh on an i5 based Asus Notebook . everything works fine. except audio .... it should be conexant 8050 audio codec, but im not really sure(most Asus notebooks with similar specs use it)... I tried so many...
  9. orbee

    ALC256 audio level low on mac compared to Windows

    Hi there, i have a dual boot mac-windows Razer Blade 2019 Base with ALC256 and i had notice the audio level on mac is way too low compared to windows, on windows volume set a 30 is louder as the max level on mac. i could not find anything about it, any idea? Thanks in advance!
  10. gateway69

    Lost Audio (1220A) When upgrading to Monterey

    I just upgraded from Big Sur to Monterey and I seem to have lost my Audio Realtek 1220A on my Z370-H mother board. I have the following set but maybe im missing something new since I also had to update my Clover and Kext before upgrading to the newer OS. Details: <key>Audio</key> <dict>...
  11. carrot

    Haswell 10.6.8 Build, looking for audio/boot advice please!

    Hi there, I've just built my first hackintosh and I'm having a few issues with booting and audio. I'm wondering if anyone out there is able to help me out? My build is as follows: Mobo: GA-B85-HD3 CPU: i7-4770 RAM: 32GB DDR3 Dual Channel Graphics: Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 2GB Storage: 120GB...
  12. emiliorotolo

    APOLLO TWIN MK II with asus prime z490 and thunderboltex 3

    Hi. I'm Emilio, and i have a problem with this audio interface. I need to install it but i don't know how. Can someone help me? I can't do it by myself. My technician has done a great job with thid hackintosh, but he can't help me with this audio interface. So, can someone help me?
  13. wavewash

    << Solved >> HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Small Form Factor No Audio Devices - OpenCore Big Sur

    I had struggled with this issue for a few days and didn't find much googling - so hoping this finds its' way into the long tail to help others. System Specs: 3.2 GHz Quad Core Intel i5 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2 GB 250 GB Samsung SSD Big Sur 11.6...
  14. cooolbreizha

    UAD Apollo installation (Thunderbolt 3) / crackles

    Hello, I am having problems installing the UAD Apollo twin x (Thunderbolt 3) Hope to find some help here, thanks to your similar experiences and the geniuses that frequent this place! Equipment: Motherboard Gygabyte Z490 Vision D Intel i9-10850K processor Graphics Gigabyte RX590 GC-Titan Ridge...
  15. Brisolo

    << Solved >> Trying to find Audio Codec for Samsung Expert X22

    Hello! Im new to hackintoshing and i've been searching for i think 2-3 days trying to find an audio codec for my laptop. And since its a laptop i cant search the site from the MOBO manufacturer (also sorry if it was hard to understand)
  16. seemajor7

    [Fixed] No Intel HDMI Audio and Display not matching up (High Sierra)

    Hi, all, my HDMI audio was working under High Sierra, then I applied the 2020-005 Security update and updated Clover and now the HDMI audio is not working. I think part of the problem is that System Report shows the proper monitor (F27), but About This Mac shows it as a Built-in Display, how...
  17. e12

    [SOLVED] IOAudioFamily Kernel Panic - Z490 UD + 10600k - Big Sur 11.4 - please help

    Hi guys! This is the first time I have had a build crashing and automatically rebooting when trying to open Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.6 Build: Z490 UD Thunderbolt 3 - GA Alpine Ridge I5 10600k RX 580 MSI Armor 64GB Crucial Ballistix 2400 WD 500GB m.2 SSD x 2 (01 SATA + 01 Nvme) OC 0.7.1 I...
  18. hamzatahirful2

    Laptop audio not working Realtek ALC290 AppleALC

    HI Everyone, So I have build a mackintosh on my laptop. Specs: Hp Pavilion 14 Notebook CPU: I7 5500U GPU: Intel HD 5500 + Geforce 840M(Not using) Ram: 8gb Wireless Card: BCM43142 (Written BCM943142HM on card) Audio: Realtek ALC290 OS: Big Sur 11.4a BootLoader: OpenCore 0.7.0 Screen: Elan Touch...
  19. dzseti

    No audio device with ALC668

    Post installation of Catalina using OpenCore (with much thanks to @Feartech and others) I have been trying to get my audio to work, but without success. I have followed the troubleshooting guide here and checked that the device appears correctly with IORegistryExplorer which shows this: I...
  20. Samsungtvwithmbp

    Audio not working

    I installed Big Sur using opencore and everything is working great. only the audio is not working even though I installed voodooHDA Does anyone know how to fix? (Im new to hackintosh)