1. PaulHerter

    USB Headset audio is glitching while do something.

    Hello Community. I Installed Mac OS Catalina with OpenCore on my PC My Problem is that if I Play sound, like a YouTube video in Safari, and then do something like loading an App, the Audio will start to glitch, sometimes it just glitches randomly. Its like a Crackling, Noise idk how to describe...
  2. micsell

    Intel NUC (NUC7) - enabling internal digital mic

    I've added support for internal digital microphone on Intel NUC7. Instructions: - Make sure you have the latest Lilu installed on your EFI partition (1.4.7) - Copy the attached AppleALC kext to your EFI partition (replace existing AppleALC.kext) - Copy the attached AML file to...
  3. matteolattanzi20

    I need help please

    Hi guys, I' want to make a dual boot windows 10/big sur ssd for my laptop that has an i5 7200U as cpu, 8gb of ram an ssd and a radeon 530, precedently I've maked an hackintosh on this laptop with catalina but unfortunately the wifi module, the audio and the touchpad doesn't work and by gpus...
  4. Antoniogonzales789

    Audio settings is deleted after reboot/ Audio Realtek ALC662

    Hi all!! When I install the VoodooHDA.Kext audio kext through the MultiBest Tool, the kext remains inhabited, it works very well, The problem is, when I restart the Computer, that configuration is not saved, it is eliminated on the next restart, I have to reinstall with the tool and restart so...
  5. AkagiShou

    [Help] Realtek Alc274 no sound

    hello, I tried to patch AppleHDA using AppleAlc. The audio can be detected, and when the earphone is plugged in it can also be detected and switched to automatically, but both have no sound, while the fixed microphone can work all the time. I tried for days googling for solutions but unluckily...
  6. yeyiyi

    A question about SPDIF multichannel

    My motherboard is ASUS z390h(ALC S1220A), which has a SPDIF audio interface, but at present it only supports 2 channels. How to configure it to support 5.1 and higher channels
  7. kaito0662

    [soluved]no audio available,voodoohda causes panic

    Hello, I booted MacOS 10.15.6 Catania through OpenCore0.6, but there is no audio kext available. For AppleALC, I tried all the layout-id of VIA in this table, but it didn't work. As for VoodooHDA, Catania can't even boot and is stuck in a kernel panic. Below is my config.plist. Does anyone know...

    Battery and Audio Not Working in Big Sur

    Hi Guys, I have a near perfect Catalina 10.15.6 set-up but I want to try out Big Sur. I'm using OC 0.6.1 and the latest kexts. I'm having a weird issue that both my battery status and the audio are not working. I have both of these running perfectly under Catalina but not under Big Sur. Can...
  9. bluezimmer

    ALC892 Mojave HDMI No audio from internal speakers

    Hi Guys, I built my customac with Mojave following the installation guide here and it seems to be running smoothly except for the audio. All of the output devices show in system preferences, and I can get sound from bt headphones and the front headphone port but not from internal speakers or...
  10. Walduss

    Catarina - Lenovo 50-70 : no audio

    Hi guys, I am new on macOS and hackintosh. I have been able to install Catalina on my lenovo 50-70 laptop. but there is no sound when I reproduce videos or try to listen music. I have seen some explanations to others, but I don’t understand clearly the steps to proceed. Is there someone with...
  11. XInflict

    Microphone from USB Headset Crackling Input

    So I have a generic USB Headset that outputs audio very well, but when it comes to the input from the mic, after 5 seconds using the mic, it starts to crackle and only stops after 40 seconds using the device. What could it be? On windows it does not happen. Other info is that my headset have a...
  12. kylerphillip

    Choppy bluetooth audio

    When using Bluetooth Audio such as headphones I get choppy audio when listening to music. I'm using an Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD and also a MX Master 3 connected and also have handoff enabled just for a bit of background. Is there anyway I can improve this? I don't have any audio bluetooth...
  13. userjc

    applealc 233 audio problem!!

    2020.6.15 my computer install Mojave hackintosh (X555LD), I trying to solve my audio problem, but I can't. I use appleALC and set layout number , but it didn't work! Please help me!
  14. DSS3113

    Solved > Audio not working on Catalina install

    Installed AppleALC.kext which doesn't work. VoodoHDA.kext causes kernel panic on boot. What must I do? EFI folder attached. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. pontual

    Navi 10 HDMI Audio - No Sound Output (Catalina 10.15.4)

    Hey, I have the following setup with a Vanilla Catalina install (Clover EFI): Gigabyte B360M AORUS Gaming 3 I5-9600kf RX5500 XT Broadcom bcm94331 (via PCI-e adapter) Catalina detects both my Onboard Realtek Sound Card and the HDMI output adapter (it even lists my monitor as one of the audio...
  16. leandromartins17

    No HDMI Audio - ALC255 - CM238 Audio Controller - Catalina 10.15.4

    Good evening everyone. I have a super problem with my hackintosh, the HDMI audio is not working, but the image and integrated audio is. I am currently using Layout-id = 3. But I have tested all the others available and HDMI audio does not work. Activation methode: AppleALC + Lilu + Codec...
  17. tony.sugent

    Razer Blade (2018) Advanced No Audio

    Hey everyone, So I followed the installation guide posted by vettz500 ( to get Mojave installed on my Razer Blade. Everything was working perfectly until I updated to...
  18. Dj123

    Crackling Audio in Logic Pro X while recording, and listening music,FCPX.

    Hi My specs in profile I try many things to do, nothings help. I did clean install MacOS 10.15.4 - ALL THE SAME Try to use another config.plist, from backup! - Don't help! Sometimes when working in FCPX cracling audio on seconds come back, when just listening to music may happen. The big...
  19. t0mmen

    How can i get audio on hackintosh z370-f

    Ive tried to follow this guide: (he has almost same specs as me) I just have a newer cpu But the onboard audio doesnt seem to work, i get audio options like my monitor and my usb soundcard...
  20. ChriFoglia

    HDMI audio doesn't work with intel HD graphics 630 in Catalina 10.15.4

    this is my low cost build: CPU: Intel Core i3-7100 3.9GHz 3MB MB: Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H Internal GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630 7 MB NO dedicated GPU i instal macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and everything work (maybe). But I connect a samsung monitor (I use HDMI-HDMi cable) and the computer doesn't see...