1. Simpsonbear

    Mojave HDMI issue

    Hi Guys, I reeasently updated from High Sierra to Mojave (Direct Cover update) Everything worked like a charm ecept for the Audio that has a little slutter but it´s better than on High Sierra anyway. the interesting thing for me is that when I change Audio-Output to my Apple-TV than it jumps to...
  2. XxChaoticStrike

    Dell L502X ALC665 Audio Problems

    Hello all! Tis' be my first post here! I am currently experiencing some issues with my audio, which is not working. I tried using AppleALC, AppleHDA patching, VoodooHDA, as well as other tweaks. None have worked. I am willing to reinstall OS X Mavericks, as I have nothing on my drive. Only...
  3. Yao89

    Z97 ALC892 all macOS sound on screen

    Hey, I'm quite new on hackintosh, and I've successfully install High Sierra on my desktop 6 month ago. For now, all worked pretty well, except when I tried to boot on a RTX ... After 1 hour, I finally read all the thread talking about no compatibility... Description of audio problem Anyway...
  4. N8261D

    Lenovo Flex 4-1480 No audio, battery status, wrong graphics. Help identify trackpad

    Hello all. I have just purchased a Lenovo Flex 4-1480 (specs below) and successfully installed macOS Mojave on it. I had to switch out the qualcomm wifi card for a DW1830, but other than that, all is good. The graphics are working great. Most things seem to be good right now. However, I can't...
  5. exp

    Random audio

    Hello. My motherboard: Gigabyte z370 HD3. I have a Realtek ALC892 sound. After installation, I tried all the options audio kext from the Multibeast utility. As a result, when loading the system every time I get different audio options. And only one I need. see attach filles. 1- what I need...
  6. DragoSpiro98

    Lilu doesn't work

    Hi everyone, I installed Lilu, WhateverGreen (I removed NvidiaGraphicsFixup), AppleALC and AirportBrcmFixup in /L/E (with KextBeast and after I used Kext Utility to repair permissions and rebuilding caches). Now I have 4 output channel but they don't work. What can I do? I followed this guide...
  7. MY Hackmac

    MY Hackmac

  8. Depka

    10.13.6 Audio problems with Nvidia driver

    Hi guys, my setup is: MSI x99a Gaming 7 Intel 6800K MSI GTX 1070 32GB RAM SSD Kingston UV500 480GB I'm having this kind of issue with nvidia drivers: As you can see audio is working well on my external USB RME Babyface device, but when i move mouse it's doing these weird noises and stops...
  9. clayracing

    Dell Inspiron 13 5368 Audio Issues

    I have tried every method of trying to get the audio to work on this laptop. I cannot seem to get it to work so I am writing this post. I've tried applealc and lilu, codec commander, and more and have no luck. Thanks, Clayton
  10. aylamrin

    [HELP]: Anyone had success with UHD 620 HDMI audio?

    I'm using a DELL Inspiron 5370 which is a 0x5917 spoofed as 0x5916. I am getting a very unstable audio (almost non-existent) over HDMI. I have audio over Internal speakers and I also have HDMI audio in windows. If anyone was able to get HDMI audio working with UHD 620, (0x5916 or 0x5917)...
  11. KelvinRicafort

    Help how to enable high definition audio from mojave

    My audio codec is ALC887
  12. Klingens13

    [Guide] ALC283 in Mojave

    This is a guide for everyone who is owning a laptop with ALC283 sound chip. use your vanilla AppleHDA in /S/L/E install AppleALC.kext ( and Lilu.kext ( your preferred kext installer if you haven't...
  13. Astrolus

    [HELP] Can't Get Audio Working on Hackintosh

    Hey guys, I completed the guide on installing high Sierra on my laptop. But post installation, I can't seem to get the audio working. I've tried to follow the guide and still don't see any output devices available. I've correctly identified the correct codec for my laptop from a linux codec dump...
  14. Klingens13

    Solved > ALC283 under Mojave?

    I've done the same some other guides say to get AppleHDA working, but for me, no audio device is showing up at all. Current situation : vanilla AppleHDA AppleALC(CLOVER/EFI because otherwise, I get kernel panics) SSDT-AppleALC SSDT-ALC283 layout-id 1;3;11;15;44;66 codec_dump from Ubuntu...
  15. Duke92

    Please help me find Audio kext!!

    Just revived my very old pc with OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion. It is running great. I managed to find all the kexts except audio kext. Any compatible VooDooHDA kext this pc? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Realtek High Definition Audio VEN_10EC DEV_0262
  16. dandi98

    kext for Realtek ALC883 7.1 HD audio

    Hi, do you know a solution to enable my sound card "Realtek ALC883"? Currently using OSX Mojave the motherboard is a "supermicro X8DAL-i"
  17. AlvaroPereira

    No output devices found on ALC662

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here on forum. I need one help with how to enable my audio devices. My OS not recognize my audio devices. Please, help me! CPU: Intel® Core I5-2320 6m 1155; Motherboard: AsRock H61M-HG4; Graphics card: Zotac Nvidia GTX 960 2GB Note: i try delete AppleHDA...
  18. subhrajyoti

    How to fix Realtek ALC3223 sound

    I am new to Hackintosh. I am using dell Inspiron 15 3537. It has a Realtek ALC3223 audio card. I want help on fixing the sound issue. Thank you
  19. andonis1616

    Asus G751JT No keyboard, trackpad, audio or On-Board Network LAN

    So I managed to install MacOs Mojave and successfully installed Graphics Drivers and the Network was working until it didn't and don't know why. Also even though my wifi card is not supported and is a intel dual with bluetooth the bluetooth works.Does anybody know what to do to at least get the...
  20. Fegelein33

    Need help with Realtek ALC255 on Acer Aspire A717-71G

    Hi! I tried to get ALC255 on my laptop working by patching AppleHDA, unsuccessfully. I ended up installing VoodooHDA, which worked until I had to remove it because it caused kernel panic with an update. Now my HDA kexts are a mess. How can I fix it? I attached EFI/Clover, patchmatic, IOReg and...