1. DSS3113

    Solved > Catalina audio issues

    The audio was working just fine the other day, but now the audio output is not working. The machine is able to receive audio input as can be made out by the screenshots which I've attached. I am attaching my EFI folder too. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. PhilAichinger

    Audio Issues Apple Thunderbolt Display

    Hi there, I'm having an issue with my apple Thunderbolt Display, I've followed a thread that helped me enable the thunderbolt Bus via flashing and updated my SSDT to fix Hotplugging. I was able to get display to work, and the camera works perfectly fine. one issue I'm having is that the...
  3. saltymalty

    No Inputs In Logic Pro X

    Just got my machine up and running and it is screaming fast, have had no real major issues thanks to this community! The one thing I am running into right now is that I can not get any input into logic. I've tried a variety of devices, including VB cables, and nothing. I get input signal in my...
  4. GoldTreant15003

    Post-install random issues on OpenCore

    Okey, so I have installed macOS Mojave on my AiO. I had no problems in installation and so I thought that everything was okey. I installed, restarted and still everything was working. Issues started after the first reboot. I had no sound, no ethernet and a strange delay in graphics at boot. I...
  5. Daylights

    Audio echo on Big Sur

    Ever since I have upgraded to Big Sur, people I FaceTime/Teams call with, complain that they hear themselves talking (echo). It's not This is when I use the built-in internal microphone in combination with the built-in internal speakers (both connected via 3.5mm jack to the Realteak 887 onboard...
  6. bansuri97

    Interference / Crackle / Pop / Noise With Focusrite USB Audio Interface

    Hi All! I successfully installed Catalina onto my system, everything is working but my USB Interface is experiencing weird issues. Issue: Focusrite 18i20 3rd Gen is crackling when doing system operations such as moving a file, moving the curser etc. System Specs Motherboard Gigabyte Z490...
  7. tima46

    HP DC7900 SFF ( no audio VRam zero sleep issue )

    i just installed Yosemite 10.10 but i have four issues until now no audio works ( voodoohda not working ) nVidia Gt 630 0 MB memory no wakeup after sleep can't make sure for DSDT ( how to check if an issue with DSDT ??)
  8. mrcaruso201

    Solved > Bluetooth audio NOT working MacOS BigSur

    Hi everyone, I have successfully installed BigSur 11.0.1 on my Hackintosh, everything is running flawlessly except for bluetooth audio. I use OpenCore 0.6.3. AppleALC and Lilu are installed and layout-id is set: audio from jack is working, only bluetooth gives problems. I have an ALC1150 and I...
  9. Graaanityy

    Lenovo G50-70 - no audio on Big Sur with AppleALC

    Hello guys, since I Hackintosh'ed my GA-Z87-D3HP successfully with Big Sur, I decided to install Big Sur on my Lenovo G50-70 laptop. Specs are: CPU: Intel Core i7 4510U GPU: Intel HD4400 & AMD Radeon R5 M230 (deactivated with -wegnoegpu) HDD: Seagate 500GB SSHD RAM: 8GB 1600MHz Ethernet...
  10. bansuri97

    USB Audio Interface Noise Interference / USB Sleep Issues

    HORRAY! With the help of OpenCore and people on here I have a fully pretty damn powerful OpenCore system running Catalina. Thank you! I am having two issues post installation which are pretty nasty for my setup. I am a music studio owner and will be using this system as my daily studio driver...
  11. brettljausn

    Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac - Neither Firewire PCIe nor onboard Thunderbolt working

    Hello everybody, I built and setup a hackintosh with similar specs according to the following guide: The hackintosh is supposed to be used for audio recording, but unfortunately the onboard Thunderbolt...
  12. dinosauruz

    Solved > Rear Panel Audio Stuttering or Crackling

    I have a motherboard with ALC662_VD (3 on rear, 2 on front) and using 10.15.7. The audio output from rear panel somehow switching frequently to headphone or speaker and make the audio stuttering, but the front panel audio output is fine. Any ideas? I'm new to Hackintosh, thanks.
  13. NeatDoc

    No Audio Device - OptiPlex 5070 SFF - OpenCore 0.6.2 - Catalina 10.15.7

    :wave: Hello, I've been browsing the Hackintosh forums for almost a year now and have successfully built a Hackintosh on an Optiplex 9020 last year (everything worked, I even got me a WiFi/BT card for AirDrop and HandOff and worked flawlessly, iMessage as well) and this year I decided it was...
  14. PaulHerter

    USB Headset audio is glitching while do something.

    Hello Community. I Installed Mac OS Catalina with OpenCore on my PC My Problem is that if I Play sound, like a YouTube video in Safari, and then do something like loading an App, the Audio will start to glitch, sometimes it just glitches randomly. Its like a Crackling, Noise idk how to describe...
  15. micsell

    Intel NUC (NUC7) - enabling internal digital mic

    I've added support for internal digital microphone on Intel NUC7. Instructions: - Make sure you have the latest Lilu installed on your EFI partition (1.4.7) - Copy the attached AppleALC kext to your EFI partition (replace existing AppleALC.kext) - Copy the attached AML file to...
  16. matteolattanzi20

    I need help please

    Hi guys, I' want to make a dual boot windows 10/big sur ssd for my laptop that has an i5 7200U as cpu, 8gb of ram an ssd and a radeon 530, precedently I've maked an hackintosh on this laptop with catalina but unfortunately the wifi module, the audio and the touchpad doesn't work and by gpus...
  17. Antoniogonzales789

    Audio settings is deleted after reboot/ Audio Realtek ALC662

    Hi all!! When I install the VoodooHDA.Kext audio kext through the MultiBest Tool, the kext remains inhabited, it works very well, The problem is, when I restart the Computer, that configuration is not saved, it is eliminated on the next restart, I have to reinstall with the tool and restart so...
  18. AkagiShou

    [Help] Realtek Alc274 no sound

    hello, I tried to patch AppleHDA using AppleAlc. The audio can be detected, and when the earphone is plugged in it can also be detected and switched to automatically, but both have no sound, while the fixed microphone can work all the time. I tried for days googling for solutions but unluckily...
  19. yeyiyi

    A question about SPDIF multichannel

    My motherboard is ASUS z390h(ALC S1220A), which has a SPDIF audio interface, but at present it only supports 2 channels. How to configure it to support 5.1 and higher channels
  20. kaito0662

    [soluved]no audio available,voodoohda causes panic

    Hello, I booted MacOS 10.15.6 Catania through OpenCore0.6, but there is no audio kext available. For AppleALC, I tried all the layout-id of VIA in this table, but it didn't work. As for VoodooHDA, Catania can't even boot and is stuck in a kernel panic. Below is my config.plist. Does anyone know...