1. sona

    requesting help for post installation

    I'm using hp pavilion laptop Hardware Specs successfully installed Mojave and bootloader configured. issues facing: ethernet not working audio not working intel HD 620 4mb showing(unable to adjust brightness) Nvidia GeForce 940MX not working HDMI port not working battery meter not showing...
  2. chattes

    Lenovo T440P Audio Headset Jack(Sound Issue)

    Hello, My Hackintosh is almost 95% working correctly. Only problem I face right now is the Audio Headphone jack. When the Headphone/earphone is plugged , noise starts coming . If i restart it might work for sometime but after a while again the noise starts coming and nothing else can be heard...
  3. Didcot2200

    Audio Crackling/Stuttering with Z390 - Catalina

    I've recently rebuilt my hackintosh & installed 10.15.3 (Catalina) & everything is working as expected - i've used this build & this clover setup. However, i'm now noticing subtle crackling in the AUDIO over Bluetooth AND DisplayPort. It subtle and frequency is around every few minute(for a...
  4. LinkinPark879

    Sound broken when switch monitor connection port DP to HDMI

    Hi, for same reason, I have connect monitor with hdmi port, instead of DP port. Before that, with DP port, everything work fine as well as the sound. But after switch to HDMI port, the voice is cracking, look likes some frame lazy. I recorded some section in music for better elaboration: origin...
  5. SeBaez

    Weird audio bug on Z370 after installing Catalina (10.15)

    Greetings, dear community. Last monday I decided to update my beloved Hackintosh to 10.15, this time looking forward to enabling bluetooth and some other functions such as iMessage once all my basic needs are well set. Previously on Mojave, I used to have a weird bug in which audio devices...
  6. GiHomer

    Solved > Does my motherboard support Thunderbolt 3?

    Hi, I've built my Hackintosh using the GA Z170N Wifi and am currently trying to set it up to be used with a Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface. The integrated USB C Port doesn't work, and I read that you need to get a PCIe Card (GC Alpine Ridge). I also read though, that not all motherboards support...
  7. curioustech

    Need help with audio kext For Intel NUC5i7RYH

    I have spent 2 days and 2 nights to finally get everything working on NUC5i7RYH except built-in audio. Attached here are my boot log and screenshot. If you look at the screenshot, the system detected some kind of audio device which gives me static noise in the output. In windows 10 install...
  8. jibrann.kamal

    Hardware Patching Issues

    Hello Everyone, I have successfully build dual boot win10 + mojave 10.14 and updated to the latest build 10.14.6. The issues i am facing are: 1. IGPU Error (Picture Attached) 2. No audio devices 3. No imaging device (No Camera) 4. No wifi working (Although i know realtek wifi will not work...
  9. skylerk

    not audio hp ProBook 440 g3

    Hi guys, I have updated and used files that were left behind, now the system is working but I can not have audio, previously the audio worked with applehda I leave my kext. and config my lap is: hp ProBook 440 g3 i3 6200u 8gb ram ssd 120gb Intel HD 520 MOJAVE 10.14.6
  10. gistomin

    AppleALC patch

    Hi! I want to patch AppleALC, from this (AppleALC): to this (VoodooHDA): So, I want to split one "Headphones" into several devices (headphnes, speaker, etc). I think, for this I need to patch SSDT My OS version: 10.15.3 (19D76)
  11. BlvckBytes

    HDMI Audio

    Hey! I've followed this tutorial the best I could: What I did: * "hda-gfx"="onboard-1" on HDEF and IGPU * working layout-id on HDEF * framebuffer patches on IGPU *...
  12. legatimatteo

    ALC892 audio doesn't work - macOS Catalina 10.15.3

    Hi, I tried to install Mac OS on my computer, but audio doesn't work. mobo : z390 MSI Tomahawk (Realtek alc892) Clover Version: 5103 Kext Installed: - AppleALC 1.4.6 - Intel Mausi - Lilu - USBInjectAll - VirtualSMC In audio settings there are no devices found
  13. userjc

    Solved > ALC233 problem!!!

    2020.2.4 my computer install Mojave hackintosh (X555LD), I trying to solve my audio problem, but I can't. I had try to use appleALC, and I have no idea! So can SB help me? THX!!
  14. LeoGFX

    [In Desperate Need Of Help!] No audio at all OR No audio after sleep

    Hello everyone, so I've been using happily my hackintosh for the last 1 year and a half, until it hit me. I wanted to try and install Catalina on my machine, so I had to mess around with a bunch of stuff, but in the end I just gave up. Currently, I'm running on 10.14.6 with the following specs...
  15. manaba

    Solved > Kextd stall IOHDACodecFunction / Long boot / ALC221 (HP 8300)

    Hey Just wanted to post this since it was hard to find a solution for this and in the end it was very simple. So after upgrading from Sierra to Mojave, AppleALC.kext (in L/E) would cause a problem where the boot would take anything from 5 to 10 minutes or something. Verbose would reveal the...
  16. AugustinCarroll

    Volume is rapidly fluctuating [Mojave][AORUS z390 Elite]

    Specs: MB--Gigabyte z390 AORUS Elite CPU--Intel i7 9700k GPU--Radeon rx580 Sapphire Pulse At first, it seemed to be working okay, but then I noticed that the volume is rapidly fluctuating from time to time. I built this computer for music making, and the audio is so weird and buggy. I've...
  17. professoramx

    Seeking help with Thunderbolt/Audio issues - Lenovo ThinkPad P53 15.6" 4K OLED - Coffee Lake i7-9750H - Intel UHD 630

    Hey guys, I have a ThinkPad P53 that is able to dual boot and I am seeking some help to get my current SSDT/hotpatch tweaked so my internal speakers and Thunderbolt are functional. As of this post I am successfully dual booting Windows 10 and macOS 10.15.2 (running on separate NVMe drives). I...
  18. Rubicorn

    System freezings after connecting usb devices and sound problems

    Hello, I have a build running os X 10.10.5 and i face two major issues. First, the system has started freezing after connecting usb devices. Especially in case the PC boots while having a usb device connected. The second major problem has to do with the sound. It works properly for 20-30...
  19. LMSChina

    Line Out Audio (and headphone jack) Not Working

    Previously, I had an issue where my system would not boot up after a Clover update. Thankfully, I was able to use the shell from the Clover boot menu to fix the issue and was successfully able to update to macOS Catalina. However, since then, my line out audio and headphone jack have not been...
  20. athiqbe

    audio not working alc295

    i have dumped the codec through linux .. it says that i have alc295 and yet i tried applehd method .. didnt work tried all the layouts .. this is my first hackintosh .. what am i doing wrong ? i tried voodooo it didnt activate my audio either .. so can i get any help i would really appreciate it