1. rio-redstone

    No Audio on Mojave with Dell T5810

    I've tried to make my Dell T5810 work audio with Mojave, but it doesn't work. 1, Lilu and AppleALC I use Quadro K2000, and they find its HDMI audio and bluetooth dongle attached to T5810. In boot process, a bluetooth controller and lilu, applealc are in race condition. so, my system do NOT...
  2. johnny28

    Solved > Usb ports are left with power and audio don’t work after Windows

    I managed to install Catalina on my Hackintosh, it works almost all right, except for two problems: Shuts off but USB ports are left with power the speed of my Usb ports 3.1 (ASMEDIA 1241) is 480 Mb/s No audio after Windows I accept suggestions!
  3. BlvckBytes

    Random panics on boot

    Hello! To be honest... I don't understand how something like this can happen at all. Why do panics occur randomly? Shouldn't the system be in a definite state all the time? Or maybe it has something to do with the state it gets put in when shutting down... Okay, now to the topic: Before those...
  4. macdz

    How to disable HDMI Audio Post Catalina installation.

    I need to disable the apple audio driver for HDMI and user the voodha audio driver. how to do this? I tried to remove kext from clover and the system library but it won't work. on boot randomly the voodha driver will work till next boot, but most of the time it is the HDMI driver from apple. how...
  5. Ahmad6264

    Solved > IDT Audio Codec Not showing in System report On Mojave OS.

    Hi everyone I hope you are fine. I was using Mac OS High Sierra. Everything was working fine. but when I upgrade my OS to the Mojave then the Audio not working. I have HP Probook 6470b with Audio Codec IDT 92HD81B1X5. The Problem is that MY Audio devices are not showing in the System Report...
  6. smilence

    Solved > nVidia gPU in High Sierra, can see the audio controller but not sound output?

    I have a Z390 + GTX1070 + i5-8400 system working in High Sierra 10.13.6. Everything seems working fine except the hdmi audio. I did put Lilu.kext and AppleALC.kext under kexts/other, and i dont have any other audio related kext installed. And i was able to see the gpu audio controller in...
  7. momen2310

    Mojave hd 4000

    Hey I have toshiba c850-b833 Screen : 15.6" LED Display Resolution : 1366 x 768 (WXGA HD) Processor : Core™ i5 3rd Gen. i5-3230m RAM : 4 GB DDR3 HDD : 500 GB 5,400 rpm HDD, Graphic : AMD Radeon 7500/7600 Web Cam : 1.0MP HD WebCam Mic : Built-in mic, Wi-Fi : Yes Bluetooth : Yes 4.0, gpu...
  8. Fabrizzioa04

    Using the Slate Digital VRS8 Interface...

    I created this thread with the intention of sharing knowledge and experiences about the use of VRS8 in hackintosh, and hopefully find some solutions to get the most stable configuration to work with. Recently with the beautiful guide bring by @CaseySJ i achieve to get my hackintosh up and...
  9. Suriken

    I need to get my Audio clean up and I need help!

    Hello! I am noob at this and I don't know what I am doing, just following tutorials until this works properly so... I managed to get all my hackintosh build working except for the audio which now I know how to fix but my Sound tab in my preferences look like this: And I need this to look like...
  10. alehus1990

    HD graphics and audio problems

    Hello, I am experiencing difficulties with my HD4600 graphics and audio. My MB is Z97-P and CPU is i5 4570. This is my clover config: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> <plist...
  11. tekkrotzzen

    Bluetooth Audio not working Mojave

    Hello. My Bluetooth devices are showing up using an USB Dongle. After i click connect on my Speakers/Headset it connects and then disconnects. I also cant find my bluetooth device in audio sound settings.. kext for lilu and appleALC are installed so far. thanks for your advice.. regards tekkrotzzen
  12. Elementrix

    Combojack problem

    Hi, when I insert the jack after having started the sound from the speakers you can hear them well in the headphones but when I remove the jack you can hear the crackling sound from the speakers, even though I have changed the audio layout. My codec audio is ALC294 I try to install the kext...
  13. QKT

    Headphone Mic & HDMI Audio Dont work ALC256

    Hello everyone, I installed Mojave 10.14.6 on Dell 5567. Almost are working but I have a problem with audio. Speaker and internal microphone are working but external microphone and HDMI audio are not. I tried to patch HDMI audio without success. Can you help me fix it? Thanks you. Update...
  14. JingleDjango

    Antelope Orion 32HD (Gen2) Experiences

    I'm shopping for a new set of converters for my studio workstation. I have an Antelope Orion 32 HD (Gen2) on loan from my local music store. I'll be posting my experiences with it here on the following setups: System A: (Home Workstation): Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK i5-4690K 24GB 1600 MHz DDR3...
  15. flynnwinch

    Audio suddenly stopped working

    So I’ve been running a pretty clean build of my hackintosh for a while now. Everything (including audio) has always worked pretty much perfectly. I first started about two years ago, and used voodooHDA for the audio. I did a clean install a few months back and found that I did not need any...
  16. NONITS

    Unable to use internal web cam - Matebook 13

    I installed Mojave on a Matebook 13 and though brightness doesn't work and I go through a dongle for wifi I'm good for the most part. I just have one major issue below: My internal webcam is not working - I can see the devices mapped out properly and my USB ports work but the webcam is just...
  17. leosrds

    Headphone output instead of internal speakers

    Hi, Just installed Mojave. I have a problem with audio : it automatically switch to headphone output even with nothing plugged into front case audio port. In order to get speakers to work, I have to unplug the jack from the back audio port, plug it in the front headphone port, then plug it back...
  18. unknowdj

    Samsung Odyssey - HDMI audio not work

    Sorry, you can use google translator, it's not a complete HDMI audio system, audio works with LILU + WATERGREEN + APPLE ALC + Layout 13 or 5, HDMI was enabled through the 306-> 105 patch, but the audio does not work without HDMI. @RehabMan could you please help me?
  19. martinblomberg

    Weird boot screen

    Hi, Total rookie and more or less don't really know what I'm doing, so please bare with me folks =) Just tried to fix the audio problem (didn't find any sound devices) on my system and it ended up with me getting stucked on the boot screen. Looks like this (see image). It's coming after the...
  20. wajdideutscher

    Beats 1 Radio via iTunes not Working on Hackintosh

    If I want to listen to beats 1 Radio via iTunes it doesn't play stops at 0:00 and that's it, here is the screenshots and Here is my System specs but I don't think it related to the system, cause It's been for ever like this, From Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave