1. JetsBoi

    [help] Asus Q200e High Sierra Install

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, and this will be my first Hackintosh build. I will try to install OS X High Sierra on my ASUS Q200e Laptop, and I have read that Metal isn't supported with HD3000 Graphics, so won't be trying Mojave I haven't found a complete guide for this model yet, and plan to...
  2. khoadeptrai

    Wifi Ar9485

    hello hellp me. I need kext wifi AR9485 thanks
  3. Fred321123

    Will it run? Asus X555L

    I seriously want to run Mac OS X on this machine, but can't find any information of people trying to Hackintosh it anywhere. I know the processor and graphics card are full compatible by default, but what worries me the most is the wifi adapter which I doubt will work. The specs are below...
  4. uamarchuan

    Acer Aspire E1-571G

    Hello, I'm new to MacOS. I was lucky to install the High Sierra 10.13.2 on my laptop three days ago. I have spent some time on the forum and was able to install some Kexts. I have Internet, sound and keyboard partially works :) Hardware: OS: High Sierra 10.13.2 Laptop: Aspire E1-571G...
  5. AntonioRizzo

    Atheros AR9485wb-EG High Sierra

    With this installation package you can activate the Atheros AR9004WB-1NG Wi-Fi card via High Sierra. It works and tested on High Sierra 10.13.2 developer: Grizno source: insanelymac Installation: Open the file .pkg and follow the instruction, accept the terms and chose the installation...
  6. thiprogramador

    [Guide] Lenovo G400s (not touch) Sierra 10.12.6 using Clover UEFI

    PRE-INSTALLATION: Follow Rehabman guide to boot OS X Installer with Clover: In essential kexts, you only needs FakeSMC.kext and VoodooPS2Controller.kext to boot; Replace the Clover default...
  7. samey

    [Solved] high sierra boot (two graphic cards) and Audio And WIFI (ar9485) prbs for Asus x450cc

    Hello there, I have El Capitan and Win 10. I wanna install High Sierra, but at the first boot in this image hanging. And after several minutes shows "kextd stall ..."
  8. TungLam

    [HELP] Touchpad doesn't work ASUS X540LJ.

    My touchpad is "ELAN1000". I don't know how to use "VoodooI2C.kext". What can I do? Is there any kext for Wifi Atheros AR9485 driver?
  9. iripa

    Bluetooth Finally Working on U410. AR3012 . But.....

    Hello all. After searching for almost 2 weeks non stop, I`ve finally made my bluetooth work. I have a lenovo U410, with atheros combo ar9485+ar3012. Wifi not working, but bluetooth finally paired my iPad and speaker. Now my problem is: AIRDROP. I supposed that it will work when i got internet...
  10. laffleck

    ASUS Q200E Internet issues

    Hola! I just installed Yosemite and all the graphics, sound, and most of the hardware works great... But when I installed, the OS didn't let me choose to set up Wi-fi, which was quite ominous. I decided to just set that up later, because that was really the only option. Now, I have no...
  11. htmlvb

    Atheros AR9485 (a.k.a. Dell Wireless 1703): Thread for Kext/patch support/development

    Atheros AR9485 kext development Hello! First off, I must say thanks to the community for helping me set up OSX on my laptop. Mostly everything is working on my computer... except for wireless. I searched around and there doesn't seem to be a kext or patch for the AR9485 card. But there are...
  12. DanN7


    Hi there.. Who is using AR9485? Can I have the fresh DSDT, patched DSDT and the fresh IOReg? Thanks
  13. DanN7

    Brightness control for HD4k 0x01660003

    Asus a46ca Hi, Rehabman. I have an ASUS A46CA and almost work on all with DSDT What it worked: >Integrated Camera >Keyboard and Multi-Touch pad + gestures >Fn (Moved to the Context menu + fx) >Sound (Integrated Speaker + Integrated Mic) >HD4000 (Device-properties 0x01660003)...
  14. grlinmaclover

    Atheros ar9485wb-eg nvidia geforce gt620t dont work on 10.8.2

    Hello everybody! I have samsung np300 with atheros ar9485wb-eg and nvidia geforce gt 620t who don't work with mountain lion 10.8.2 . Please help and tell if you can how to make them work. THANK YOU very much!