amd 6850

  1. wormage

    Yet another ivybridge newbie

    Hi guys, I have the need for a hackingtosh. I have purchased the retail copy of snow leopard version 10.6.3 DVD and have the following spec: Intel core i5 3570k asus p8z77 -v lx 8gig ram Amd radeon 6850 1tb drive which I will partition into 2 for dual boot mountain lion and windows 7 (when it...
  2. Robert649

    Stuck at white screen when trying to install Mountain Lion

    Hi, I have been having this problem when trying to install mountain lion. When I try to install mountain lion off of my flash drive I get stuck at a white screen with the mouse. I have done a little bit of searching around and found out that this problem most likely has something do to with my...