1. sskgaiqny

    ATI HD7850 Black Screen in High Sierra 13.6

    Hi guys ,i have a problem with my graphics card ati 7850(1GB/Sapphire). 1. When I start the system in Safe Boot mode(Clover Bootarg=-x), the graphics card (HD7850) is running normally. 2. But when I start the system in normal mode,the system is blank screen.(I confirm that the signal output, see...
  2. jayjr1105

    New hack working great other than sleep

    Hi all, New hack built just today with some spare parts lying around. i5 4670 MSI H81M-E34 8GB DDR3 1600 R7 265 (recognized as 7850 I believe) Intel SSD System has been amazing so far. I have been able to overcome the missing audio hurdle but I'm confused on what might need done for sleep...
  3. Jagadysh

    ASrock z77 pro 4 On El capitan

    I'm new to hackintosh setup. I have tried one two years ago and failed it. I'm now trying to give one last attempt before selling my PC. I'm starting this thread since the links in the old threads are not working and are also not updated for EL capitan OS. My SPECS : Mobo: ASrock z77 pro 4...
  4. emanuelaemarco

    RADEON XFX 7850 1GB problem

    hi, I have more problems with Radeon 7850, after installing el capitan it seems to work correctly, but information system appears Radeon 7xxx 1024bm, if I install the patches that I find online do not work anymore at all. Another problem, when the screen goes into standby will not be reactivated...
  5. foodfightr

    Radeon 7850 broken in 10.10.1 yosemite

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  6. CDCosma

    Kext not loading for Radeon HD 7850

    Alright, so I just installed OS X Mavericks (version 10.9) today after I had to wipe my computer a few weeks ago. I had previously gotten the kext to load for the Radeon HD 7850, but after I wiped my computer, it doesn't work anymore. I have tried adding in my device ID to...
  7. aqqaaqqa

    [help] system halted :(

    Hi, I'm Ming from HK, just want to try hackintosh in my PC. After "Googled" for many times, I tried to install OS X 10.9 exactly according to this post (http://www.tonymacx86.com/374-unibeast-install-os-x-mavericks-any-supported-intel-based-pc.html)...
  8. zanji008

    [HELP] H87n+i5 4570+sapphire 7850 My graphics is not recognize and cant boot

    i need help very badly i dont know what to do anymore first my sapphire 7850 is not recognize it only appears as 5mb 2nd is i got this after i installed the multi beast i cant boot without the unibeast usb then i tried to boot using the unibeast without any flags i got this see in pic #2 ive...
  9. zanji008

    Kernel panic on h87n-wifi

    good day guys, i just want to consult what was happening about my hackintosh. I had installed a 10.9.1 in my rig when i update it to 10.9.2 my sapphire 7850 wont recognize it only shows 5mb in graphics , so i tried to reinstall my hack to 10.9.1 but just when i use multibeast 6.0.1 and then...
  10. nandox5

    Three Monitor Setup wont work, need help HD7850

    My settings: DP = DisplayPort OSX = 10.9 GraphicsEnabler= Yes (otherwise i dont get acceleration, laggy animations etc..) Default Framebuffer = Futomaki (originally, only one screen would work on only 1 port, DisplayPort 2) After hours and pages and txt documentation of what i have...
  11. crain83

    How should i enable Radeon 7850 on Mavericks (new public release)

    Hi guys, any ideas of enabling my 7850 card on the new public version of Mavericks (22nd october)? Seems like the kexts for 7xxx are changed. I can boot with it only by the UniBeast 3.0 USB installer with low resolution and not even recognized as a Radeon HD 7850 or 7xxx. It's "Display 3 MB"...
  12. crushing

    White screen issue with AMD Radeon 7850

    Hi, and thanks for reading my first post. I've been following these forums for a while and thanks to the info I've come across so far, have been running my first hackintosh successfully for the last few weeks. I recently purchased a Sapphire Radeon 7850 Overclocked Edition GPU. It works...
  13. sim242

    Radeon HD 7850

    I know all over it says it's not compatible with OSX but the posts are quite old and i've seem to come across a post about there being beta drivers for the Radeon HD 7*** series. Obviously my question is, is it possible to make a hackintosh now with a Radeon HD 7850? If there are player made...
  14. nikolasvielberth95

    HEPL! -> !AMD RADEON 7850! - i7 3770 - 8gb Ram - Asus Z77

    Hi ! My Build (i7 3770 Ivy Bridge, 8gb ram , Asus z77) goes fine with Mountain Lion, except my Graphics Card (AMD Radeon 7850) I Know it isnt supported yet. But I can´t remove it every time I boot into Mac. Disable via BIOS isn't working. Is there no kext from an older Card which would...
  15. hehel

    Booting with Radeon 7850 not possible, how fix it? (its for Windows, in Mac OS I'm using HD 4000)

    Hello, first I want to say sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany, but I will try my best! Today I installed succesfully my Hackintosh system! Components: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Intel i5-3570 Sapphire Radeon 7850 My plan was to work with two BIOS profiles. In the Mac OS Profile I...