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    Intel SSD 660p NVMe 1 TB: any issues?

    Installation stucks but completed after many tries. System lag and instability, panic... change the ssd resolved that problem
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    Intel SSD 660p NVMe 1 TB: any issues?

    I don't know about 660p but 600p gave me many issues and headache :)
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    [Guide] Native Power Management for Laptops

    Hello, My asus laptop has Thermal and power throttling control in BIOS, which can be disabled by using throttlestop and check "disable memory mapped turbo power limits" . Anyone can help me disable this annoying limits on Mojave ? My 8550u can run at 40w on windows but in Macos it can only runs...
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    VoodooI2C Help and Support

    Thanks. I added SBFB line and it works
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    Mojave installation on ASUS Zenbook UX461UA

    Hello, I have exactly the same model as yours and have no audio. Can you please post your clover folder and kexts you are using? thanks
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    VoodooI2C Help and Support

    Hello. How to fix this polling mode ? I followed the GPIO pinning guide. I don't know what is CFL CNL sorry The touchscreen ID is TPL0 and Touchpad is ETPD thank you
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    VoodooI2C Help and Support

    Hello, My ELAN1300 works like a charm without dsdt patch but stop working when I left it for about 5 minutes without touching. restart the computer makes it work again. Voodooi2c.kext & voodooi2chid.kext installed. please help
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    [Success] PK's HTPC: i7-8700K | ASRock Z370 Fatal1ty Gaming ITX | 16GB | UHD 630 | High Sierra

    Hello, I'm using the same motherboard. But the macOS getting very lag randomly. And, when I run the diagnostic from Activity Monitor (See photo), the macOS gets a Panic . Anyone else has this problem ??
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    [GREAT SUCCESS] i5-8400 - ASrock Z370 Fatal1ty Gaming Mini-ITX/ac - Intel UHD 630 - 16GB RAM

    Hello, Can you please send me your full EFI disk ? I copied your config.plist and install KExts using Clover COnfigurator and I'm exprience the HD630 Flickering screen. Thanks