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    Need Help with 10.14.5 Update

    Hehe - Understood:) I think only the purple boot lines will dissappear with maybe new kext (lilu etc.) or clover update... if we are lucky. Otherwise it’s probably fixed in the next few betas (I hope, but not bothered by them myself when it’s a general thing) Do you mean that short...
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    macOS 10.14.5 Update

    If your so annoyed with the purple lines during boot - I suggest you buy a real mac, or wait for later OS updates. It’s not gonna go away with a fix when everyone with AMD is experiencing it. I got no flashing screen.
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    Radeon VII (and new AMD gpus) compatibility

    Yeah I do get a decent boost in games across the board in windows. This is compared to an overclocked (wattman) vega 56 on water vs. VII with air and stock settings.
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    Radeon VII (and new AMD gpus) compatibility

    Cheers for the status! I’m gonna hold the update until .4 or .5 if there are improvements :-) Just really happy that .2 seems ok stable (a few hiccups here and there are expected)
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    Radeon VII (and new AMD gpus) compatibility

    Any minor improvements with Beta 3?
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    Radeon VII (and new AMD gpus) compatibility

    Just adding that my Sapphire already had the 1.06 UEFI update pre installed.
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    Radeon VII (and new AMD gpus) compatibility

    Could you share your EFI and maybe a screenshot of your BIOS settings regarding iGPU/PCIe? That would be a an absolut help. I just recieved my VII today, and my EFI is causing some me some headhaches in 10.4.4 (had to roll back to 10.4.3). Im also using Gigabyte mobo (Gaming 7) - so our config...
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    Radeon VII (and new AMD gpus) compatibility

    @xantrium I am on the verge og buying a VII - waiting for mature drivers/native support - but you shared your EFI on page 21, can you share your bios in regards to iGPU? Right now i’m running with iMac Pro Smbios + iGPU turned off as I couldn’t get it to cooperate with the vega 56 in FCPX where...
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    Radeon VII (and new AMD gpus) compatibility

    @Raftrix86 I think you should share your EFI folder to those (grumpy guy above) disbeliefing your setup works. Takes 2 minutes to make a bootable USB. Also share your bios settings. Now something that stands out to me is your OpenCL is only 160.000. My Vega56 is around 190.000. Yet you score 6...
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    macOS 10.14.2 Update

    I had a few problems updating to 10.14.1 with my config.. so I am glad that 10.14.2 just went smooth sailing. I am pretty sure if I went from 10.14.0 straight to 10.14.2 I would have had the same problems going to 10.14.1. Which means, you should be good to go, if you have 10.14.1 running...
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    AMD RX Vega 56 - FCP X crash (help!)

    Solved my problem long ago by going iMac Pro 1,1 system definition, and running latest High Sierra or Mojave.
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    Installation stops at +++++++++++

    I had this +++++ Endseed Random yadayada+++++++++ error too. To me it was the "config.plist" that didn't work with Mojave. Worked fine with everything before Mojave, even 10.13.6. But everyone had their full focus on the Aptio memory kexts, I came to a dead end. Then I tried something else...
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    AMD and NVIDIA in the same machine?

    That was a Gigafast response! Makes good sense to use the Slot 0 for Windows, and then on the Mac side, it probably don't care if it's slot 0 or 1 for the AMD card. I already have a Vega 56, so supposedly I could get a cheap non-supported Nvidia card to test it out, and if it works.. I can go...
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    AMD and NVIDIA in the same machine?

    Hello Fellow Hackintoshers. Is it possible to run AMD and NVIDIA in the same machine? Hear me out :-) I want to use AMD on the Hackintosh SSD, and NVIDIA on the Windows SSD. The reason for this is I want my Hackintosh to be as fast as possible in Final Cut Pro X and easy to update (driver...
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    macOS Mojave is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    I am getting the exact same error. I got it too on the beta, and gave up (only spend 1/2 day trying). I can load 10.13.6 fine with my clover r4674. I tried with 1 ram block in my motherboard, same thing. This has given me the biggest headache ever in a hackintosh :-)