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    Help me decipher -v output. Almost there but slow boot up at 1 point.

    All the changes are detailed in this thread. Assuming you are using the same Hardware then install with UniBeast with DSDT and use the file attached, all should work......
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    How to Enable OpenCL on Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 4GB kepler - HACKINTOSH GUIDE

    When I run the Benchmark the bottom half of the screen is fuzzy and in lines; see below although this captured it without the lines, it flickers and changes, however the top half is always there; I doubt this is normal, any thoughts?
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    Can't type password at login screen?

    I had a similar issues when I first built my Hack, but it would only take 2-4mins then everything was fine. My issues was caused when installing the Realtek Audio Drivers from MultiBeast. In the end this was solved by creating an edited DSDT. That probably doesn't help as yours was working and...
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    Getting GeForce GTX 670 to work?

    I haven't installed any drivers, I haven't need to as of yet. I am running as MacMini 5,1 Part of me is tempted to try MacPro 5,1 but at the same time I think, it isn't broken so...... Problem is though I like to mess with things, I am never satisfied, its fun.... until of course I can't fix...
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    Getting GeForce GTX 670 to work?

    :clap: woop. good find and glad its finally all working for you. Those seem like some good benches. What test did you run with luxmark? I tried it and I get shocking scores in comparison to yours. I downloaded it, opened it and it just ran automatically? That pesky AppleTyMCEDriver.kext. That's...
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    am i becoming OCD about this???????

    Try this. In org.boot.chameleon.plist add the following; <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1920x1080x32</string and in Extra\Themes\Default\theme.plist add the following; <key>screen_width</key> <string>1920</string> <key>screen_height</key> <string>1080</string>
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    Start-up times out after mobo replacement

    SoundFlower is a program right? Try deleting it.
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    Start-up times out after mobo replacement

    A little random but is the onboard sound turned on in the BIOS Integrated Peripherals? Also add a debug command to your boot up arguments, debug=0x100 this helped me when I was having issues with my 690 as it would dump the error msg on the screen when the screen blanked.
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    Getting GeForce GTX 670 to work?

    That plist file is where any boot arguments you needed to boot would go once you confirm they work. So for the time being don't put any in there as they may cause more harm than good. I would now go back and use UniBeast USB to boot and try using different flags again; PCIRootUID=1/0...
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    Getting GeForce GTX 670 to work?

    I went from a old school nVidia card to a new 6xx series and went from; PCIRootUID=0 GraphicsEnabler=Yes to; PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=No Not sure if that really helps but...... :-) Can you boot with -f or -x ?
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    Start-up times out after mobo replacement

    As you know getting stuck at "PCI configuration begin" is usually a combination or npci=0x3000 and PCIRootUID=1/0 so maybe boot in -s and clear contents of; /System/Library/Caches/
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    Hackntosh so slow

    In what way slow? Is it slow if you remove GFX card and use motherboard GFX?
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    Mountain Lion will not boot after applying MultiBeast?

    If I were you, I'd start over, it doesn't take long and will be easier to determine where the issue occurs. 1. Remove GFX Card, setup with on board GFX to start. 2. When you get to MultiBeast stage, install 1 item at a time. 3. When you booted this time did you do so with the UniBeast stick...
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    Kernel Panic on MSI Z77A-G41

    1. Remove GFX Card. 2. Go here and download the BIOS for your motherboard. Install BIOS. 3. Load optimised defaults. 4. Ensure HDD are set to AHCI mode. 5. Install with UniBeast USB following this guide carefully! You may require GraphicsEnabler=No.
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    Applepowermangment issue

    Yes that's correct. It will also probably stop sleep/wake working. I'd use it as a temporary fix whilst you look for a better solution. It's located in System\Library\Extensions. Ensure you repair permissions before you reboot. This can be done from Disk Utility.