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    Power supply for stock G5 housing?

    That looks amazing great job.
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    Silent Cube PowerLogix Core i7

    I like it. Great job!
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    macOS 10.15.4 Update

    Updated a Dell Optiplex 9020 sff with no problems. So far so good.
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    Mojave installation problem on HP slimline 290-0001p

    Not sure if anyone has this model PC anymore however I got mine to run. I have the model with the specs below. If anyone is interested let me know and I’ll upload my EFI folder. HP Slimline 290 Intel I5 8400 16gb DDR4 ram Low profile RX 560 Samsung EVO 970 Plus 250gb Mini m.2 WiFi & Bluetooth...
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    GTX680 works in OS X

    I would also like to go to a GTX 600 series however I will wait till its working perfect. Good luck guys.
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    gtx 6xx support?

    Look here. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=63823
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    Is there a dual 2011 socket mobo that will work for OS X?

    Look here. viewtopic.php?f=169&t=55963
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    Just won my G5 case - Woot!

    Measure twice and cut once. Good Luck. :)
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    Budget MacPro 8 Core 2.5GHz $700 (8800 GeekBench)

    Nice build but wouldn't a over clocked 2500k build be faster? Don't get me wrong I am a fan of dual CPUs.
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    Case BitFenix Prodigy Mini ITX

    Re: BitFenix launches the Prodigy Case, Great for Hackintosh I like it a lot.
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    Apple Cube 2.0 - i5-2500T - GA-H67N-USB3-B3 - 16GB RAM - SSD

    As of right now i dont think the intel hd4000 isn't supported. I could be wrong.
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    Apple Cube 2.0 - i5-2500T - GA-H67N-USB3-B3 - 16GB RAM - SSD

    Almost looks like the motherboard stand off is glued or JB welded to the two posts.
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    Real Mac pro Early 2008 - should I buy it for $150?

    I would buy it for that price.
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    A French G4 Cube Hack - Link to

    After my G5 SR-2 build I am going to build a G4 cube with Ivy Bridge. Have a few ideas that I haven't seen done yet. This guys build is one of the best I have seen.
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    Deep Thought: Water Cooled EVGA SR-2 Dual Xeon 5690 GTX 580

    Love the build. I'm currently working on my Sr-2 build so thanks for the helpful tips for install. Are you overclocking the CPU's?