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    Name the Next macOS (10.15)

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    Intel Ark info

    I understand that motherboards can support various types. But what does this number mean relative to the processor? I assume these are minimums that the processor needs in order to function. Otherwise you'd have wasted processor cycles if the ram isn't fast enough to keep up.
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    Intel Ark info

    When I check the Intel Ark specs for an i5-9600k, the RAM is spec'd as DDR4-2666. Is this a minimum spec or maximum? Are there any benefits or problem when using a higher spec, such as DDR4-3600?
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    Is my Power Supply Sufficent

    Thanks. Thats a handy calculator.
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    Is my Power Supply Sufficent

    Can someone please look at wishlist and let me know if the power supply is sufficient? Keep in mind I will be adding a few more HHD's and SSD's and maybe a CD drive. WishList
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    Internal WiFi compatibility

    Do you guys know if the the internal WiFi on this motherboard is compatible with a Hackintosh? Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5
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    What Will Apple Unveil at WWDC 2018 Keynote?

    More watch bands
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    Upgrade components or rebuild completely? Best 2018 Mac Pro configuration?

    I think I see the source of your noice. You have a duck inside your case. ;)
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    Graphics Card

    On a side. Why is nVidia preferred over AMD? Doesn't MacOS support both?
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    Multibeast does not recognize SSD after 10.13 update

    I did manage to get audio working via
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    Multibeast does not recognize SSD after 10.13 update

    After updating to 10.13, I tried to use Multibeast to update my audio and network drivers. However, my startup SSD is not listed in the drive choices, only the HDD options are listed. Help.
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    [Guide] Avoid APFS conversion on High Sierra update or fresh install

    What are the pros and cons of HFS+ vs APFS. Why would I prefer one of the other?
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    Question About Heatsink Fan?

    I will soon be installing a new heatsink/fan in my system was wondering about the orientation of the fan. My case has vents on the top which I plan to utilize. Which option works best: A: Pull air from the top and push the hot air into the case while letting the case fans push out the hot air...
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    No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    Thanks that did the trick. :)
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    No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    Thanks in advance for any and all help. I've done my best to follow all upgrade instructions. But this one has me stumped. I do have audio working on a second disk that has a fresh Sierra install via Unibest/Multibeast. 1. Problem: After updating to Sierra, no input or output devices for...