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    eGPU W/Desktop Hackintosh

    So, I got myself into the Mojave/Nvidia Pickle.. super excited about it. Fortunately, I have a Vega 64 running in an eGPU on my MacBook Pro. I’m attempting to do some cable swapping and just use the eGPU on my desktop. Has anyone had any success with this? I’m assuming I’ll be swapping out my...
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    Motherboard Gave Out - Advice - Same Board or Upgrade

    I'm running an Asus Maximus VII Formula Board, i7 4790k CPU. The board is looking faulty from every diagnostic I've been able to do. I've never done this with a Hackintosh, so I'm lost on what is going to happen. If I were to install, say A Maximus IX with an upgraded CPU, what would happen...
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    [SOLVED] Black screen with Dual Monitor connected

    I have been plagued with unplugging my dual monitor on boot for about a year now. I had very little hopes of this getting the job done, but it actually worked. I think the issue people are having is when using HDMI vs DVI. Best of luck to everyone. riccardo.uccelli, you're a lifesaver. Thanks...
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    Using an Nvidia 980 Ti and AMD 580 on High Sierra

    Yeah. I'm using the Nvidia Web Drivers as well. When I first installed the card, I had my displays running off the AMD card. I didn't notice any real performance increase, and Mac OS didn't recognize the Nvidia card at all. I was about to pull the card out and send it back, but I plugged the...
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    Using an Nvidia 980 Ti and AMD 580 on High Sierra

    So, due to frustration over lack of Nvidia support in Final Cut Pro X, I decided I'd throw in an AMD 580 card and just switch back and forth when using Windows or Mac OS.. But, when I booted into Mac with both cards installed using the Nvidia Card as the primary driver, both cards were suddenly...
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    Fenvi T919 Not Working

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm using Clover with an Asus ROG z97 board. Is there an option similar to the "increase port limit" in Clover Configurator that you're aware of? Thanks again.
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    Fenvi T919 Not Working

    Seems like for most people, moving the card to X1 solved their problems. But mine still hangs on boot. I've never had the problem with booting until I installed the card. Now it's hanging up around "AppleUSBController". Attached is a picture of the log. If anybody can point me in the right...
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    Fenvi PCIe adapter BCM94360CD (Wifi + Bluetooth) 100% working

    Hey.. I just purchased this card for use with Sierra, and I can't get it to boot. I tried USB injection, but I get this error - "ARPT: 1.880226: Airport_Brcm43XX::Start: Failed. Do you have any suggestions? I have very limited knowledge of customized SSDT's. I've never had to do that. Is that...
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    IMPORTANT! 10.11.1 update requires Clover v3292 or later.

    Hey RehabMan. I've included my Specs in my signature, sorry for the confusion, I'm running a custom built desktop. I hadn't initially waited for the Nvidia Web Drivers, but as of these posts, I was, and have been running the new Web Drivers for 10.11.1. I've tried uninstalling / reinstalling...
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    IMPORTANT! 10.11.1 update requires Clover v3292 or later.

    Hey RehabMan. That's exactly what I did, so I'm running the most current clover, but now I'm running into two problems, one, I can't boot at all with nvidia card enabled, (nvda_drv=1). And two, I need to rotate between "safe mode" and "boot without injected cache and kexts" to successfully...
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    IMPORTANT! 10.11.1 update requires Clover v3292 or later.

    I updated to 10.11.1 before installing the clover update, now I can only boot in Safe Mode. I updated my Clover USB drive, and booted using that, but when I get into Mac OS and attempt to install clover onto my Primary HD I'm still getting a failed install. Any suggestions on how I could get the...
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    USB Boot System Disk Failure

    I've succeeded with the unibeast install using a sandisk 8gb flash drive, but ever time I get o the boot, and choose to boot from the SanDisk USB I get the System DISK Failure error. Anybody else have this issue? Thanks, Rob using: ASUS p5n-e SLI Intel Core2Duo