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    When can we expect Multibeast 11 for Majove?

    The install guide says use 10.4 for now and 11.0 is on the way. I expect it soon(tm)
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    Looking for install help

    not that I know too much about this... but are you using any boot arguments? This information may help others along.
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    Apple-recommended AMD Graphics Cards for eGPU Use - macOS High Sierra 10.13.4+

    Heh I have a RX 480 sitting around will get High Sierra ASAP
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    No update available for El Capitan

    See Problem #5 I found that copy/paste the command works where typing only brought up a blank nano All thanks to a post by Brebro
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    [SOLVED] El Capitan 10.11.6 15G1421 - nvidia driver unavailable

    I had the same problem as Loreno10 when typed the command in, but when I copy/pasted it worked first time:)
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    El capitan gtx 970 displayport

    Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!! working like a charm ^_^
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    EBIOS read error: Error 0x31 Block 0x0 Sectors 0

    Heh, this did the trick for me, thank you all for your input. Thought my SSD was corrupt or something OH NOESSSS!!!, but no it was a card reader.
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    [SOLVED] Valid DVD Drive could not be found -70012 - Mountain Lion

    Worked as well for me, after a restart :) Happy Hackintosher Dance!:headbang:
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    Circle With Slash

    A text bar comes up when you start typing. Good luck!
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    Circle With Slash

    Did you try PCIRootUID=0? that has helped me in the past. When you get to the chimera boot screen choose the appropriate drive then just type the command in also -x can help that boots in safe mode.
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    help please

    Could you break it down into what steps you have taken. Where are you in the process of making a hackintosh. Are you trying to load OSX onto your computer when you get the grey screen?
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    Can't Get Ethernet Working

    I've managed to get a wireless card working, so please consider this issue solved.
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    Can't Get Ethernet Working

    Have got some joy 10.6.6 is working with iBoot, but can't get Ethernet working. Can anyone direct me to a kext that will work with my Mobo and 10.6x?
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    Can't Boot after Combo Update

    I'm having a similar problem, I did a clean install of snow leopard with iBook legacy. Then I used the update helper and rebooted, used the 10.6.8 combo update and now I get that gray apple screen with no wheel. On -v it stops at [ PCI configuration begin ]. I'm somewhat at a loss.