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    OS X 10.11.6 Update

    Guys somebody please help, i updated from 10.11.5 to 10.11.6 without a problem and it reboots to the login screen and after entering the password just keeps circling with the logo, stays there forever. have to reboot but no luck. I am on an X99 Mobo with 5820k and GTX 650
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    Haswell-E + X99 Motherboard Temporary Guide - OS X 10.10

    Haswell-E + X99 Motherboard Temporary Guide - OS X 10.10.0 Hi Guys, My Sincere Apologies if you already have this answered in any of your forums but i just could not find that. This is my first time posting however i have built a couple hackintosh's following your guides which are very...
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    [GUIDE] Installation on Intel DH67BL Motherboard, ATI 5850 GFX Everything working!

    Hi Mate, I have the Same configuration with an i7 2600k and i'm using intel's inbuilt graphics card. I Also found a DSDT file for DH67BL but not sure f i am doing some thing wrong. I just cant boot it after i install all the components mentioned in your post, I either get a KP or it says you...