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    Upgrading my i5 4670 Build

    Hello all! I have been running my hackingtosh for several years now, and recently started noticing my music productions are getting to big to handle for my i5 4670. Does anyone have some good advice for upgrading my CPU? for example to an i7 4790? Thanks a bunch. My build: Gigabyte...
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    MSI GTX660 Twin Frozr, only 1 fan spinning

    Update! Good news, i got two exact replicas of the MSI GTX 660 twin frozr 3 fans from aliexpress, installed them, replied thermal grease and now they are both working and my temps are all better. Thanks for all your help! Greetings Jacobus
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    MSI GTX660 Twin Frozr, only 1 fan spinning

    Ok, i gues il just take the cooler of, check if it is clean and reseat the connector.
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    MSI GTX660 Twin Frozr, only 1 fan spinning

    Would something like this work?
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    MSI GTX660 Twin Frozr, only 1 fan spinning

    So, how do i test this? Should i try connecting the cooler directly to the PSU with a molex connector or something? I did read something about flashing the bios but i have no idea how to do this. :-( I just installed SMCfancontrol and i see that the 2gpu fan (the one not working) is on 30rpm...
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    MSI GTX660 Twin Frozr, only 1 fan spinning

    Yeah i thought so. i bought it second hand, can't send it back for RMA. Can't i just replace the cooler? For example with the Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo 2 ? Anybody have experience with this? It is weird that the fans start spinning on boot up though :eh:.
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    MSI GTX660 Twin Frozr, only 1 fan spinning

    I just ran valley benchmark on high settings and the temps were around 70c, still the second fan did not go on.
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    MSI GTX660 Twin Frozr, only 1 fan spinning

    Hello, I recently bought a MSI GTX 660 Twin Frozr III and i noticed only 1 fan is spinning. Now the temp stays at 33 just browsing the web and goes to around 60/65 when playing a simple game, the other fan then does not go on. Im kinda afraid to let it go above 65 cause of overheating. The...
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    Suggestions on a build

    I would go with at least 600 or more watts PSU, and yeah i to recently had a bad experience with a Corsair CX600M. I would not spare money on the PSU, it runs the whole system. You can spare on ram for example. And since you are going to do a build with a GTX960 wich requires certain drivers to...
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    URGENT : IS my new pc components are Elgible to run Yosemite 10.10

    The graphics card will probably work, but you will need to install drivers for it. check this out: Greetz
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    USB audio interface problem

    Check this out maybe. If that doesn't work maybe try another USB cable to your interface, i had that problem once and it turned out to be the cable... Greetingss
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    Stuck! Screen goes black while booting, reinstalling osx doesnt help.

    Exactly which boot screen can't you get past? Have you try'd booting into your installation usb? Hold F8 or F9 with ASUS or F12 With Gigabyte mobo to get to boot screen and select your USB and then your OS X installation, when you get in there install the correct multibeast settings, and maybe...
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    No startup, no beep no screen.

    I gues my question now is, did my corsair PSU just die? And if so why did everything work including the PSU after i used a other PSU to start everything up? Its so weird... its like the other psu that i used at the time revived a component of the motherboard that wasn't getting enough from my...
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    No startup, no beep no screen.

    Hello All, So i have been working on this issue for quite some time, fixed it and now its back.I had a thread about this already but i decided to make a new one, and make it a little bit less messy. and to maybe help people having the same issues. The ProblemThe problem began a little bit over...
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    Big problem! Please help.

    The problem is back.... but. This time i start up and, everything turns on (no screen or beeps) but i immediately hear 2 clicks coming from the psu and then is restarts over and over again giving me the same 2 clicks everytime. Normally i hear 1 click from the power supply when it starts...